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MSC Edinborough

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Heres a selection of Edinburgh based productions/pieces from the MSC crew.

posted them before on the UK walls but that threads a monster seems like spotty bot and co use it for chatting each other up like the Soft southern Puffs they are..just kiddin'!


Dase Jimmy Cliff Roy Ayers 2001

<img src=http://www.monstercolors.com/test/img/dase02.jpg>


Dase 2001

<img src=http://www.monstercolors.com/test/img/dase03.jpg>


Dase2002 Slaughterhouse

<img src=http://www.monstercolors.com/test/img/dase01.jpg>


Sole Aser Dase 2002 Slaughterhouse

<img src=http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/slaughterhouse4.jpg>


Ace Elph Dase 2001 The Heed

<img src=http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/lhead.jpg>


Nyte Smog Elph Gas (characters by Mieone)MeadowBank station 1999

<img src=http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/mbank.jpg>


Smog Elph Rage "at the dug track" 1999

<img src+http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/phall.jpg>


Wink Elph Dase Edinborough 2002

<img src=http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/msc.jpg>


So there it is !

Mostly some shit from www.duncancumming.co.uk and monstercolors.com/test/

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edinborourgh doesn't seem to have very creative names


i like the first few flicks, so stylistic

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Sole Dase Msceeeeeee


Excursion by Sole and Dase wee shout out to Chain 3 & Part TDS Style Killers of the highest order....


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/soledase04.jpg>

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Bawbag : As in Bozack,as in Nuts as in wee nuts weesacks etc..... That C**T's a PURE BAWBAG, 100% pure Bawbaggery.


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/bawbag01.jpg>

Bawbag Elivingstonia 01

<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/ehsirbawbag.jpg>

Ehsir & El Bawbag 04

<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/soledase04.jpg>

Sole & Dase


Bawbaggery from Edinborough via Livingstonia

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...Edinborough mixed bag...


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/soledase.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/MieRouleElph03.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/mielivi97.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/mieelpha.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/meadowbneon.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/meadowblackdot.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/loonheed95.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/coalitionmsc.jpg>


<img src=http://www.jesusbar.com/stoogs/piemiebarca95-.jpg>

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