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Who knows some good fucking pranks...i remember we used to buy dry ice and put it in toilets...that shit would smoke up and it would look great...also the whole sugar in gas tank, rice krispies in the slits or vents by the winshield of a car..also if you put baloney on a car in the sun, it soaks up the paint and leaves polka dots...anyone else got any good pranks?

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This is a good one if you live in a dorm and you are rooming with someone you’ve never met before:


Step 1:

When you move in, try to say as few words as possible. Any words that you do say should be spoken so softly that your roommate has to strain to hear you. You don’t want your roommate to think you are crazy, but you do want him/her to kind of wonder about you. Keep this up for a couple of weeks. Soon he/she will start to feel comfortable with you around, and if other people say you are weird, he/she will say that you are just the quiet type. While you are building this bond with your roommate, start to memorize their schedule. After a couple of weeks, you can begin step 2.


Step 2:

Periodically, walk over to the wall and start to touch it like you are looking for the most textured part. Look up at the ceiling then back to the wall. Place your foot flat on the wall and try to walk up it. Obviously, you won’t succeed with this endeavor, but it’s important to keep up the illusion that you think you will. If your roommate asks what you are doing, just look at the ceiling, look at the wall, mumble, “Nothing” and walk away from the wall.


Step 3:

After a couple of days of repeating step 2, start to put footprints higher and higher on the wall while your roommate is in class. They don’t have to be big, nasty, muddy footprints, just something that is vaguely noticeable.


Step 4:

While your roommate is at class, stand on a ladder and glue your shoes to the ceiling. They should look like they came untied and you fell out. Just before your roommate comes home, put some fake blood on your head and a little on the floor just below your shoes. Lay on the ground. When your roommate comes home and asked what happened, just look at the ceiling, look at the wall, mumble, “Nothing” and walk out of the room barefoot and bloody headed.


This works best in a room with high ceilings. If you want to add some extra kick to the prank, move on to step 5.


Step 5:

Leave the shoes on the ceiling for the rest of the year. You can also disappear for a couple of days after you leave the room (step 4). Make it obvious that you are avoiding your roommate. When you come back home have a little bit of “dried blood” in your hair, and ignore any questions about the incident. If your roommate persists with the questions, start to yell at him/her. Say that you don’t have any idea what they are talking about, and that you wish that they would leave you alone. Run out of the room crying, and disappear for another 2 or 3 days.


Step 6:

Place any kind of daily vitamin that you take in a prescription bottle. When you return, say to your roommate, “I’m sorry about what happened before. I’ve been having some problems recently, but things are under control now.” Start acting like your normal self again. Make sure your roommate sees you take your “medicine” every day.


If you want to freak them out again later, just “loose” your “medicine.”



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Bar of soap on window screens works nicely.


Slobbery Gummy Bears stuck to windows.


Getting pinto beans out of the big barrel at your local super market and throwing them over the isles.


Walk with your arms straight down but not touching your sides, and wiggle your hands by twisting your wrist back and forth...walk straight legged and stiff look around at the sky and acknowledge no one.


Prank: add an "er" and a "oner" to every possible word you can think of. Then, only, will you truly be a homo.


ErDerTer Oner...snicker

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Originally posted by ElemEnoPee1:

if you put baloney on a car in the sun, it soaks up the paint and leaves polka dots...anyone else got any good pranks?


everyone knows that. my friend used to pour puffed wheat cereal in people's lawn. when the sprinklers come on, the shit grows. another is, i dont know if everyone is going to be into this but... if one of you drunk friends passes out, shove a unrolled condom in his ass and put bandaids alover his butt cheeks. when they wake up, theyll think someone raped him or something (not you though). let it go for like a week then tell him what you did. my friend did this to one of his friends. sounds kind of funny.

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