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hmmm. these pop ups are vwery intriguing....let's see...i can take this survey adn win free movie tickets..hmm. sounds like a plot to overthrow the canadian government

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i know what bullshit the current governemnt administration spews.

i know [some of] the bullshit spewed by conspiracy theorists.


the truth, the real truth, lies somewhere in between.


i mean...the illuminati?

it's an interesting idea an' all, the world being secretly run by a tiny organization of men with power...and it is close to the truth, but in a general sense.


there are reprcussions to all actions.

cause. and effect.


our effects from the 'war on terrorism' will include destroying our economy, alienating dissent, crushing the opposition and creating more terrorists.


but what are you doing about it?

do you volunteer?

do you belong to political organizations?

how many elections have you voted in?


the general population is not completely innocent in this.


i am disgusted at times by the complacency in the u.s.

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How come the only Behold A Pale Horse I could find was under the fiction section at the library?


I didn't check it out because of this. Someone wanna explain?

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