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What Are You Wearing Right Now... And Whats In Your Pockets???? (Oct 2003.)

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black slacks


black dress socks


black dress shirt


black leather belt, with a human skull carved out of mahogany for a buckle..i made it all by my self.. :pats self on back:


red clip on tie


gonna put on those contacts that make your eyes one big black puple


hair...all over the place


black 18 eye doc's steel toe...just polished....ya i know ya dont have to


black leather coat with a "pure hells" button on the right breast,and a hellboy button under it


jacket pockets...


a butterfly knife


pack of smokes

four condoms

a lock picking set(kinda like a swiss army knife)


pants pockets..




40 bucks

i.d.....haha come to think of it i'm still using my maryland i.d from almost 4 years ago.


listening to?


fear factory...remanufacture


..got a hot date in two hours with this chiky who could be a vampire right out of a anne rice book..she's a hotty though.


gonna have dinner at the cemetary.. wich is haunted by a little girl,a old guy, and some rockabilly who drives around at 4.am.....


i'm gonna get some puuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssy

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tight moog, the vampire bitch sounds hot.........


87 vans shirt

blue jeans


wack ass ankle socks, when your a traveller, you gotta wear what ever freshies are available nagguhs

a smile, i'm out tommorow, l.a., portland, seattle, then down to frisco.

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low-top black pro-kids with white laces (loose)

block socks that are real tight

levis 517 (worn and faded)

camel light hard pack shirt ('nothing soft about them)

stolen campmor jacket, green and black

newsboy hat my girl bought me in boston


in pockets


keys to my house and my girlfriend's car

dunhill lights 20 pack with 2 missing

2 white lighters



i stay rocking the same outfit for days on end, being has i own little to no clothes and the clothes are i do own are either stolen and/or falling apart.

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khackis from old navy

button up shitrt from target

socks, underwear, and black wifebeater from target


a timex watch from target



in pockets

key to house

mean streak

brass knuckles





a half can of terracotta krylon


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Guest imported_Tesseract

-Lots of uncut hair

-Lousy halfassed shaved face

-Dark grey element thsirt

-Light blue FoxRacing longsleeve

-Diesel jeans

-Marks&Spencer boxers

-dark blue socks

-Nike running shoes

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