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What Are You Wearing Right Now... And Whats In Your Pockets???? (Oct 2003.)

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Originally posted by seppuku

light blue express girl jeans all torn up

some belt i got at a thrift store hanging loose and off to the side

black britney spears 2000 tour tshirt

black members only jacket

grey adidas socks

darkblue FTL boxerbriefs

adidas sambas white on black


in the pockets,





texas chainsaw massacre ticket stub

two quarters


in the messenger bag,

silver markers


xacto razors



do you get your fashion sense from black kids in the west village?

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You all dont know about those boxer breifs NIGGA

brown vintage store pants

4 row Stud belt

faded black Tee Shirt i wore to work today with oil an car grease stains

Camoflauge socks

Beat up Puma roma sneakers






35 cents worth of pennies

some nickels an dimes

Reciepts from stuff i forgot to take out the pockets after i washed them an now they are all stuck together

2 rusto caps

Work ID

7 inch switchblade

2 dollars

an my wallet

unused sticks of gum that are stuck to the bottom of my pocket

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-Pink,grey,blue, and white striped Ben Sherman Black Label shirt(2m) with matching Ben Sherman Black Label tie.

-Grey Abercrombie & Fitch undershirt.(M)

-Grey DKNY boxerbriefs.

-Khaki Diesel linen pants. (31x32)

-Volcom belt.

-Grey Puma socks.

-Brown and tan Nike trainers.

-Louis Vuitton wristband. (made out of stolen belt)

-Nixon Superhero watch.

-Brown Courdory Abercrombie & Fitch Sportscoat. (soooo fresh! Just racked it today)


In the pockets:


-Girl Skateboards Argyle Print Wallet with plenty of cash.

-Black Jack and Beemans gum. (think Drugstore Cowboy)

-Burt's Beeswax lip balm.

-Keys on green Active Endeavors carribeaner.




-Bottle of meds (OC40s,MScontin30s,OCir5s,Valium10s)

-Silver deco color.




-Axe Kilo.

-The new Tommy cologne.

-Salvatore Ferragamo shampoo.


I'm sitting here listening to MissKittin and the Hacker while drinking Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Cream Soda and eating Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup waiting for my ride to go to the club with some friends.

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(S) conrail shirt

the pants i paint in, 30X34 levi 517's

no socks

freeballer por vida

grey/lt grey/army green nike waffle shoes





boxcutter from the .99 store


liquid copper

bank statement



im listening to : camera obscura.

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khaki light blue an orange plaid silvertab button up

tagless hanes shirt (L)

blue black yellow plaid print hanes boxers (L)

khaki hilfiger shorts 34's



plack pilot liquid ink pen


web adress for a project im doin


listening to the silence of nap time

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Wearing: (work gear)

*black pants

*maroon long-length tank top so it peeks out ever so slightly from my

*black long-sleeved, V-neck fitted shirt

*black undergarments...with white socks.

*black, clunky high heeled boots (come up mid-calf)

*indian inspired chandelier earrings


In pockets

*not a goddamn thing (I have a purse...black, mind you).


Listening to

Bjork Vespertine

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woke up finally at 5pm after another night of partying pgw style.





-abercrombie sweatsuit (matching dark greyish blue with super comfy hoody and pants) (XL for big comfort haha)

-abercrombie boxers (red m)

-white puma socks



in the pockets of my hoodie:


-my wallet because i was on the phone with my insurance company and needed my info

-half of an oc40... the other half is in my stomache

-sony discman with massive attack 100th window in it.



bout to go eat brunchdinnerwhatever (ooooooooooh! spongebob just came on!)

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dark gap jeans (TIGHT)

small black tshirt i got from michael's art store

black CK belt

black sambas








listening to LE TIGRE


i got a nasty stomach ache from eating leftover pizza and im about to go lay down and continue watching I LOVE THE 80'S STRIKES BACK. (88)

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brown dress socks


black pinstripe dress pants


this tan vintage dress shirt with huge ass lapels


a yellow black striped clip on tie


nothing in my pockets


dreads tied back with a rubber band..wich is gonna suck when i pull it out


just got done eating an obscene amount of rice noodles and boiled chicken..gonna take a dump in a few



listening to my roomates argue over being bored

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