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Story. The X factor

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Let me recount a story about a guy at my school who for the sake of this story shall be called X


X is a stupid dickhead who sticks to you like dogshit on your shoe. let me recount a little episode i had X just the other day: i was in my locker and i saw him coming. he patted my backside whilst simultaneously asking me how was was and calling me his quote/unquote 'mate'. So usually im an arsehole but this day was different i reciprocated with an 'im ok thanks, and you' which in


hindsight was a positively stupid thing to do


he quickly chucked his stuff in his locker and before i could evade him, the 'ticket-inspector in your face attitude was about to be unleashed


he puffed his pigeon chest into my face and proceeded to ask me where i was going


to which i replied,.. the toilet


and without further ado i began my journey to the level 3 toilet block


i thought i was a free man, but the tenacious little bastard was clinging to me for what seemed like dear life


and as i entered the door of the toilets i quickly thought to myself that taking a poo was a safe option


so i did


i went into the cubicle and did a poo, i then waited around three minutes post poo just to make sure the coast was clear


it was and i made my way to my homeroom in peace only to be confronted by the annoying person i'd just managed to evade


i guess it was just another normal day of school, walking around looking tough and preening myself. touching my hair and playing rugby on the oval.


but i'll never forget the day that X followed me to the toilet block because not many people like him


so in conclusion, i guess in one way i'll be glad to leave school. if not because i wont ever have to go again then because i wont ever have to have my personal space invaded by he who is known as "X"


in the name of the father, son, holy spirit. Amen

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