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Now being that im mexican and all ive done some pretty fucked up jobs..

heres some shit face pee on jobs i did and some not so bad jobs


@ 12 years old: I wanted a new bike so I worked at this sweat shop sorting patatoes dude noone spoke english and there were mice and patatoes everywhere!!


after high school desperate as fuck but stupid thinking: carls jr I worked there for 2 weeks my sister was the boss and she says to this day i was the best fry boy!! fuck me also it was kind of cool me and this fat kid would make combo burgers for ourself.. pimp shit but greasy job


Girlfriend bitches about me not having a job so she: Hooks me up at this deli that shes working at and the fuckin bosses hate mexicans but have to hire them!! fuk i was stuck dishwashing


Girlfriend bitches once again and promises this job will be better: SO she gets me on at this retail store called Tuesday Morning! Pimp store I stole like 4 whiskey bottle sets everything for our house and my girl was assistant manager so we would have occasional sex while the store was closed for holiday stocking!!


Dad tells me if i want to make $200 this weekend doing odd job with him: so im like fuck yeah paint money so were driving to the middle of nowhere pull up to this farm house get attacked by dogs and have to pick up hay stacks and throw them on a truck!! did it for like 5 hrs threw up on the truck and fuckin collapsed! Wasnt so bad when we left we went to circle k this conveince store and baught scratch tickets and won 50 bucks!!


Dad once again tells me if I want to make some extra money on the weekend: once again im like yeah cause he promises its not like the last one so we go to this vacant appartment building and have to paint every appartment I swear that place was haunted!!


This is just a short list of fucked up jobs i had to do I have many more but for anyone out there going thru this shit there is a light at the end of the tunnel with sick pieces!!! I now work for a major phone company provisioning 800 numbers and get to dress up and flirt with hot chicks

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Top Posters In This Topic

Guest BROWNer

first off, i wanna say that any and all physical labour jobs suck shit.

floor cleaning jobs suck. i did that once for about 2 hours and said 'see ya'.

when i was real young i did janitorial shit. my boss was this creepy old smelly

motherfucker who used to scream on me for super minor fuck ups. he even

yelled at me when i tried to take some initiative and get other things done

that he hadn't specifically told me to do.

also when i was really young my dad hooked me up with this retard job that i did out of my parents garage. it was making small, looped things of whipper snipper wiring. repetitive, boring, and it was piecework.


but by far the worst job i ever did, which i did for 7 fucking years, was treeplanting.

the only reason i did it for so long was becuz the money was really good, you're outside is some wicked areas, you get to see bears up close, the people were super cool, there was no real stress(all you do is work in the sun, get in amazing shape, come home and dinner is waiting for you, smoke some weed, goof off for a bit with friends and go to bed in your tent)and you can tell your boss(foreman) to suck your dick if you don't feel like working hard on any given day. but beyond those factors it is without a doubt one of the hardest labour jobs out there. 10hours straight walking around and over fucked up clear cuts with 50+pounds of small trees on your hips bending over 1500-3000 times a day. i also did this job in the winter, so basically same shit(no tents, no meals waiting) but we're talking 10hours in the cold rain, and sometimes snow.

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i was a truck driver in england the hours are long and you never know when your gonna get home sometimes you go monday then get home friday..

my woman just left her job (and i,ve been a house dad for 2 years)

so my turn to return to work..

went for a factory job and i got it,but when i got home and worked out the money "i would be taken home £145 per week,which is boys money

i,ve got 3 kids 2 support" so they can go fuck themselfs not doing that,just got a part time job and ok i,am worse off but i start at 6pm finish at 9,30pm just driving a little van...so iam on the look out 4 another daytime job when we should be ok money wise.........

with the money some people want to pay people to work

"i can see why this country is fucked"........sorry for the ranting :lol:

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yeah hell yeah i bulit trusses for houses and it was inside pretty cool i mean we got to eat sunflower seeds listen to a huge stereo but then they threw my ass outside to rack the trusses and I fucked up my ankle and got workmens comp baby!! 11.50 an hr job and then after workemns comp they laid me off cause i was like the youngest one there

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i don't think any of my jobs were really shitty


coffee shop cashier

sailing instructor - 2x

boating retailer cashier

food server (this was the worst one)

school bus driver - in college, cool shit


then professional life


i don't know why you guys take those jobs, there are so many out there that aren't painful and only take a bit of effort to get them.

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Originally posted by khaotic

Now being that im mexican


carls jr I worked there for 2 weeks my sister was the boss


Girlfriend bitches about me not having a job


bosses hate mexicans


Girlfriend bitches once again


stole like 4 whiskey bottle sets


did it for like 5 hrs threw up on the truck and fuckin collapsed!


Dad once again


So this is what I got from your post:


You blame the fact that you are lazy on the fact that you are Mexican. Other than the last job you mentioned (the one you hold now) all of your jobs have been given to you because one of your friends and/or relatives have already maintained a job there. Your girlfriend had to force you to get a job. Twice. You steal from your place of business. You complain about 5 hours of labor. You are just a lazy fuck. It has nothing to do with your race.

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its people like you that make me stay at fast food joints and spit in the food be carefull asshole and being mexican means alot in the shity workforce but when you build a resume up the higher corporations look at you cause they have to hire minoritys!! So yeah i been at my job now going on a year with PTO coming beotch

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its a toss up...


i lived in a really whack, small town on the coast, so when the opportunity to move came, i took it. me and a homie moved down to joshua tree (by palm springs). we got free rent as long as we helped this lady redo and paint her house. the heat was miserable, we worked one day then took a bus back home when the lady went to the store.


i worked 12 hr days 5 days a week at a manufacturing plant. i worked a machine that glued the plastic dvd holder part onto the paper part. WHACK.

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Originally posted by SteveAustin

I cleaned the floors of a butcher shop in high school. Fat is a bitch to get out of a textured floor. I'd be soaking wet (really fun in the winter)and smell like meat when I was done. Nasty ass job I'll never do again. I still enjoy a juicy steak though.


I also had the pleasure of having this particular job once upon a days. I especially liked how all the rotting meat would fall into the grates, and you would have to manually scoop what had turned into some kind of foul smelling gray paste out with your hands. I also had to discard the boxes in which the meat came in, and one time held it above my head for extra leverage, only for a nice shot of cow;s blood to fall all over my face. Delicious!


On the plus side though, the industrial strength hoses that they gave us came in handy, as did the frequent meat fights. But yes, definitley the worst job I've ever had. I haven't, and never will, work in another place that has anything to do with food.....



On a side note I have an interview in like 3 hours at a fucking toy store. Score!

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Originally posted by ubejinxed

i don't think any of my jobs were really shitty



same here...


1.dishwasher at retirement home (sounds bad, but was lot of fun, a bunch of crazy high schoolers, free food..)

2.waiter at retirement home (hooked up w/ many of the waitresses and free food, so ok)

3.fiber optic installer for hospital (boring repetitive job, but mosty off on my own, temporary)

4. jewlery production assistant (worked on my own and jammed out to music putting together some guys jewlery designs)

5. valet parker (boss came at breaks to smoke us out)

6. ski/board tuner/installer (we had a b-ball court set up in the shop, fun people)


then to this career thing....

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Due to the fact I hate people, and thus dealing with people for an extended amount of time per day (4-12 hours). As well as the fact that there were more managers then there were floorworkers. Not one of these managers seemingly knew what the fuck they were doing. Im pretty sure only 3 of the 37 numbskulls graduated highschool.


Engine Machine Shop.

This was a pretty decent job with pretty decent pay. The only problem was having to work within 50 feet of a hot tank while wearing a heavy full sleeved shirt and pants in the 100 degree weather. While in this narrow building constantly lifting shit in and out of a hot tank. Working on it, glass-beading it in a glass beading machine. Working on it more. Then essembly with no air conditioner in sight.

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Originally posted by ubejinxed

that sounds cool, did u know how to do it before or did he teach you? what materials did u use?



my sister hooked it up, she also worked in the shop at times, so the guy and her taught me. it was dope it was just us 3 in a 20'x15' shop at separate times usually. we used some type of metal (nothing precious), stamped it then sand blasted some pieces, spot welded, then gold, silver plated or patina the final assemblies. he sold at art festival all over the states. last i heard though he was in some legal troubles for slanging the snow.


ok back to bad jobs...

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I took a job "selling" (soliciting) framed artwork all over Michigan. Big mistake. I hate pushy salespeople. The idea of the job was to see who could be the most relentless when people are telling you no. I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning if I wanted to shit, shower, and shave to be sure I'd make it there by 8.


Needless to say, they load you up with a something $2000 worth of art, make you sign this contract saying you can in no way claim ownership of what they've given you, and send you out to roam from Mid-Michigan clear to Toledo trying to push $150 paintings on people who don't want to buy them... I did this for 4 days and realized I had made about $50 in commission and spent about $60 on gas. I wake up on the 5th day, start to leave... get caught by a train, remember there's construction on I-75, and decide to point my little van back home... I get home, go to sleep... for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT the guy who owns the place is calling my phone making sure that I knew that I was supposed to be there and that I was late... I blow him off until I get a call from the secretary who I had luckily been sweet-talking since I got the job there. I guess the guy told her if I wasn't there within 45 minutes he was calling the police, pressing charges and telling them where I live..


Yeah.. so I had that job for about 5 days... I lost about $60 in gas... nearly had larceny charges pressed... oh, and then when I was busting ass to get out to drop off all these pictures I hit a bump and 3 of the frames broke leaving me without the $50 I had made their earlier in the week.


Fuck sales people.

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