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The Street Sticker Thread

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i was hoping to check this thread for some stoke and was hit in the face with a plethora of siq street art slapz... replicant does not know the difference between street art and graffiti... pleas

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well...it was done in front of a mexican bar. and im not sure i want to stick around out in front. especially not after the shooting that took place a couple weeks back. so i stuck it. and on the way back fliked it. did u get your stickers?

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yooo! i feel so out of the loop....i just got back from my trip. from what i see, ive been missing some good stuff and its only been a week! badreligion thanks for putting me up here and there, they look great. i put a few of yours up down south here in a city called savannah, georgia. i put up and flicked some of all your buddies over there, i think mjar, yours, die looted, fifty5ive, and a bunch of others, so hopefully i can get the flicks up soon on my slow computer.:D


nice work everyone, i wish i could post more...ill drop a few gems here and there haha


frost, nice posts as well..how did that bob shirt design come out for rarebreed?

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Originally posted by fr0st

how was ur trip bob? did u go visit the savannah art school? i was thinkin bout goin their. heard bunch of hippies live their. hehe i sent ur design in ur email. i wanna see some trip flicks...


The savannah art school was one of my three schools i was gonna go to, but it was a bit too expensive for me. It looked really cool in the 900 page brocher that they sent me.


I would rock a Torro shirt

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^^^Press the 'Prt Sc...' button on the top of your keyboard, then click paste, into Paint or whatever...

Anyways, these aren't exactly stickers, but thought I'd post 'em up in here anyways... Had aload of pieces cluttering up my room, and instead of throwing em out, thought I'd stick em up (Inspired by Chimp's essay on the Woost)...






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i want some of those boards fiend...them shits are hot...putting together a gallery in my room and i need more shit like that...any body who got extra pieces that they want to contribute please do...

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ill send you a little somethin somethin i just want a few stickers in return or maybe some quick shit on cardboard i wanna mf toro one


and F what did you use to glue them


we got some shit here in the states called gorilal glue idunno atleast by me there add says its the strongest thing on earth :lol i guess ill have to try iyt

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