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The Street Sticker Thread

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i was hoping to check this thread for some stoke and was hit in the face with a plethora of siq street art slapz... replicant does not know the difference between street art and graffiti... pleas

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word, i hear ya, supposedly i can download flashes and exposure time on the web and directy put them into my digicam, i will try that tonight. if it doesnt work ill try your tips. good idea with the tape. thanks for lookin out.

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good post sir. wheres everyone else at? i painted toby on a wall last night. it was pitch black due to a billboard shadow and i was using baby blue type paint. its all i had. i fliked it today and it looks horrible, hahaha.

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here is 10 from yesterday's outing...i have like 20 more but my computer takes like 30 mins to upload 10 so ill probably do the rest another time. haha i just wanted to keep this thread going..thanks for the ups stomah...

great placement!


bob and a birdhouse...


http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00433050f00000006.jpg'> http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00433050f00000007.jpg'> http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00433050f00000008.jpg'>

one my my new stencil stickers of robert deniro from taxi driver..




pero and bob...the bob on the plastic piece inside was an older on and if you look closely on this one you can see that the plastic brace that holds the paper is broken, thats because when i tried to put the sticker on the glass i held it back and it snapped off causing a rather loud noise which caused onlookers to wonder why i would break it. it is now in my room..


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Guest Propaganda
Originally posted by MLTf4nt0m

great post man. i will go out tommorow, and slyde and i are planning a mission for friday night. will def. have fliks.


Working on a stash for that night as well. Do buses run late? If not, my ass is walking over there. :D

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here are the flix from todays outing...

more coming soon...

Farmer toro


fun buns will reign


old sign with some new sticks...mf toro and fun buns




bob with dm?


bob, toro and the big booty stickers...iwant abig booty sticker


el toro in chinese?!


ok with this last one...i want to know if its the buff being lazy or somene is tryin to get these stickers for themselves


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mf toro strikes again...


bob, sheep, and bones...ahem bob u should;ve stuck that stick on the other side! hehe just playin


bob and mf toro...i wish that dog was a pero sticker!


random philly sticks with a buffed abel


bones suit...


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i think i put mine up first, if not my bad haha...i usuall try to be real careful with those reversable ones, but those boxes are getting hectic so its getting hard for me not to block anyone haha...my bad though..very nice post, i really like the farmer one thats classic, and the sheep is real nice he should definately keep on with those alongside his others...


those ones with the fun buns will reign etc. on them i did for everyone, ill have to do a bones now....there is an el toro will reign around somewhere, i think its all the way down near race/vine..


and that "hot" girl is my sister, so watch yoselves fellas :D ....thats where all the birdhouses came from...

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