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The Street Sticker Thread


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You should get mine tommorow I think Destruction.

And Milton: I am usually just looking at everything to see if a sticker would look good on it, and as i'm walking up I start to peel. Hooded sweatshirts with the big pouch in the front are nice so nobody can really tell what you are doing if it's day time.



Post something if ya got it...

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Originally posted by Milton

So what is your stickering technique? Do you open the sticker and then find a spot and stick it? or do you walk up to the spot and open and stick, or maybe u open and stick while walking. I'm just curious. Oh and has anyone stickered from a car? It's fun until you hit a stop sign full on with your arm while moving...





at first i thought you were joking, but since youre serious...

i open ahead of time while walking that way im ready for the "spot" haha..i usually take my time making sure its well placed, you dont want to be sloppy...in most cases people wont say shit to someone putting up a sticker so get balsy..i usually climb up on things to get high places in broad daylight and no one says shit, the only people you have to watch for are the boys in blue...

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i've got a terrible 30$ camera, so i had to get close to the stickers without being able to show most of the backdrop..'>

newspaper bin'>


nice black street sign.. the only other graffiti in this town is back on that wall.. a bike store called Metropolis got that painted up there.. now they're closed down. hah.

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Originally posted by Destruction by Definition

nice KLUE...good job...


i see you like norma jean..word


i love norma jean.. and it's rare that anyone into graffiti knows who they are.. hehe.. and thanks for the comments man..



anyone wanna trade hit me up.. aim: illag3


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**editors note: I WAS kidding, by the way, but I've always been curious what other people do, usually I just wander aimlessly around, and then pop a sticker out, peel and post. Anyway, cheers, and Destruction, get at my aim account D4MI0N the 0 is a Zero..>



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