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The Street Sticker Thread


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sorry for the extra postage, but i just got some packs in the mail, lol one was another writer who writes elmo, and i think i have some say stickers in his pack..... but they were tight


and NOSE hot stuff, really diggin it, got your pack, it was huge!! lol the one massive sticker you sent me was all torn up and shit, but its all good, have you ever tried using wax paper on the back of your massive stickers instead of all those little usps post it backs?? wax paper works just as good...... i will post flix of what i did to attempt to repair the sticker you sent me, you made my day, and you said you were sending more!!!??? i will send you a huge truck load of my stuff... thanks for the trade...

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Nice stuff nose


Production of swing tags for MONO clothing company . . . . . Mono, Lord Breakfast, Bollox, Neotron


Mono , Mister Breakfast in Leicester UK . . . Phobia, Obey, Street sweepers , RWK, Mono, Venks, Ayr, Lord Breakfast , Fono, Neotron, Miasma


Mono after vandals try to remove streetgraphics and fail , my shit is tuff , street tuff . . . Mono , JBiz, Default , Mister Breakfast


Breakfast, JBiz, PRVRT, streetsweepers, RWK, Elmo . . . Gesus , Mono, MisterHerr Fruhstuck, Phobia, PRVRT, MONO, Zaru, RWK , Mister Breakfast in Leicester, England.


Mono and Fono . . . . Lord Breakfast, Miasmatron, Bollox, Herr Fruhstuck, Mono, Prvrt


=MONO= http://www.monoclothing.com =MONO= http://www.monoclothing.com =MONO= http://www.monoclothing.com

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Dude Zaru your stickers are hella tight. you never get out and put em up? also wiseone i got your pack. awesome man thanks. also creme i made your pack i just gotta send it. starzabove and dufus i've been workin on yours today. should be sentout soon.

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