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The Street Sticker Thread


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whatever happened to stickernation.net ???


an excuse i always use when they ask what you're doing, is say "i'm advertising." that seems to put people at ease. they think you're putting up a sticker/poster/stencil for some product. it's crazy in this consumer-based, corporate ad-crazy society that people seem to think advertising for a company or a corporate product is okay, but advertising yourself is taboo. it's still the same shit! it's still an adhesive on to a surface. man a lot of these people are sheep i tell ya. iPod does it and says it's okay so they go along with it. you put your own up and they're mad and ready to call the police.


an example was when i was stationed in japan a couple years ago putting up an sticker near the base. well some cats in camoflauge uniforms from the base were circling the base on patrol and saw me and about 5 of them surrounded me and the "leader" was like "what are you doing?" and i said "just advertising this product we're trying to sell" and he was like "oh ok" and they kept on walking. thing is at the time if they take you in you can lose rank (which equals money) and be put on lockdown in the brig or kicked out. all types of shit.

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Lord Breakfast ( weltenschuttler ) , Bollox and Stoln`Recovrd aka Craig205 went out tonight and what did we see. Nuff people exhibiting themselves in the act of copulation on this hot night. Blowjobs in cars as we walk by doing our thing , we walk some more covering the city in imagery , climbing up the urban tapestry , boldly ascending the streets of Leicester in a bid for aesthetic dominance. The drunken passers by walking with a swagger and a vacant gaze loll their heads in unison as we interfere with the claustrophobic , spinning world they now find themselves in. Walking back , retracing our shadows , we leave the centre and head down the canal. Looking over the water to the opposing bank there are two completely naked bodies , riding the pony, doggy position , their white bodies bleached by the overhead streetlamp, an inverted silhouette in the dark. We were not the only onlookers to this event, I happend to have a camera( though the photo is far from perfect ) and above a security camera whirred into action zooming in for the detail my camera lacked. We exited the scene and walked up the road to where the guy getting head in the car was parked ,as if he was still there an hour or so later. We walked past his still stationary and very steamy car . He spots us , winks with a grin, while his hussies head bobs up and down and then he pulls her up and they kiss.

I`m confused, Bollox is confused, Craig205 confused . . . this weeks going very awry , tonight the nymphomaniacs and hedonists roam the streets, earlier this week everyone I met wanted some kind of physical confrontation, due to alcohol I might add. When will the surreal landscape melt away so that I might sustain a stable enviroment.

In conclusion a rather odd week indeed, Lord Breakfast

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Elmo, Mono, Bollox, Lord Breakfast, BLX, Mono . . . . Bollox paid in full

and Mister Breakfast Robots in Leicester



Bollox , Cruel one, Phobia, Mono, Lord Breakfast, Cruel one, Fono and Mister Breakfast the miasmatronic man


Bollox and Lord Breakfast, Herr Fruhstuck, Mono


Mono, Phobia, bollox, Lord Breakfast www.monoclothing.com


Bollox, Mister Breakfast, BLX, Mono . . . . . . Miasma aka Lord Breakfast, Phobia, Mono, Neotron, Mister Breakfast

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Mister Breakfast hanging cans in Leicester . . . Miasma , Mono


Gesus, Miasma, BLX . . . . . Bollox, elmo, neotron, Lord Breakfast, phobia, Bollox, Mono


Mono, Lord Breakfast, Gesus, Pills, NonBio, Fono, Bollox, Mono, Miasma, phobia, BLX , Mr Breakfast . . . . Mister Breakfast, Gesus, Mono, Lord B, Bollox, Phobia


Mono, Obey, phobia, goonism, Bollox, Venks, Mister Breakfast . . . . . Bollox, Mono, Rustysnails, Gesus, Lord Breakfast



Phobia, Bollox, Gesus, Elmo, Mono, Neotron, Miaster Breakfast, BLX . . . . Mister BreakFast, Bollox Cruelone, BLX, Lord B, Mono


mistabreakfast@hotmail.com http://www.monoclothing.com info@monoclothing.com

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Originally posted by Destruction by Definition@Jul 7 2005, 08:08 PM

what we do is more important and valuable than what they do



gimme a break.

cops are fucking asshole 99.9% of the time. but they are valuable. i feel like elaborating on this..but why bother?

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Lord Breakfast with some photos from tonight , hence the dripping wet surfaces with a sheen in the camera flash . . . got coated in glue , not just me.



Mono getting high, and long . . . and Stoln`Recovrd rocking Mono after aiding the pasting process.


Mister Breakfast and Stoln`Recovrd , Mono . . . Leicester UK 2005


http://www.monoclothing.com . . . . . . . mistabreakfast@hotmail.com . . . . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com

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Well about the whole cops thing... The idea of cops is good. to protect and serve, fight crime. batman fights crime. i like batman. but most cops are assholes. every cop who has ever caught me doing anything wrong has made it his/her personal goal to scare me with swears and threats. they scour our city ignoring real crime and goin after sticker kids. we put up stickers for god sakes can't they find some worse crime. i'm sure there are kids selling heroin down the street while they pile potheads into their cars instead. yeah. but the idea of cops is cool and every now and then there'll be cops who won't waste their time with something that isn't hurting anyone. uhh.. yeah. idea of cops = good. abuse of authority = bad. yeah.

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on the otherhand tho, we are breaking the law, so we can't expect them to hand us flowers. Even tho they may be assholes it is the job they were assigned to do. Protect and serve the city. They do thier job, I do mine.

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ok...so i was too general...I feel that what i do is more valuable and important than what "a lot" of cops do...not all of them...but maybe where you come fro myou can respect them more for doing their job, but in philly cops are mad lazy. i was with a few friends of mine and we were standing there just talkin and some crackhead all screwed up comes and started to harass us big time. usually i tolerate them but this guy was crazy and was touching my girlfriends and asking stupid questions to them...so a group of 4 bike cops rides by all slow and looks at the guy bothering us...they stopped across the street and i heard one of them ask the others "wanna help?" and the others said nope...and they rode away...lazy assholes.. so in conclusion:

"what i do is more important and more valuable that what PHILLY cops do"...

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