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The Street Sticker Thread


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That aint my hand, you dont see me in the flesh


Lord B, Gesus, Miasma, Mono . . . . Leicester UK


Zaru, Lord Breakfast, Pills, Mono, RaH, Herr Fruhstuck, Solo one


Always got more . . . . Lord breakfast . . . . more what? . . . Miasma, hmm,good! Look it up in a dictionary kids . .

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haha everyone got all excited about the utah sticker is right. a few weeks back in philly i was walkin around and i wrote my name on this metal square on the ground in silver...a week later i passed by it and utah wrote her name on the square next to it..thought that was cool to see her through philly (spot jockin!.....haha just messin)



nose tonight was a good time painting with you, love the positivity..ill post the flicks tomorrow

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Hey to everyone who asked for a trade i sent out the packs today. sorry i dont have no flix or anything right now been busy with my website and photobucket is shit. but eventually there'll be some stuff. also i'll let you guys all know when i have some stuff to trade again. by the way is the 20 deep crew still goin on?

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