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The Street Sticker Thread

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i was hoping to check this thread for some stoke and was hit in the face with a plethora of siq street art slapz... replicant does not know the difference between street art and graffiti... pleas

Posted Images


Lord Breakfast, Mono . . . . . . . . . . So Sorry, Mister B, Miasma, Mono


Fono, Mister Breakfast, . . . . . . Mister Breakfast, Mono, Pills

Leicester uk 2005 ...................... http://www.monoclothing.com


Mono, Herr Fruhstuck, THe Gentlemen Rebels . . . . . . . .http://www.gentlemenrebels.co.uk


Herr Fruhstuck . . . . . . is . . . . . . . Mister Breakfast

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Large paste ups on Train Bridge over Leicester . . . Mister Breakfast (Senor Desayuno) and a Sticker stencil on electrical box, Lord B

http://www.monoclothing.com . . . . . . mono . . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com . . . . . . mono . . . . .



FYS, Lord Breakfast,Uneek, Mono . . . . . . . . . Leicetser uk

want to trade email me up . . . mistabreakfast@hotmail.com

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people who ONLY do stickers.....grow some balls..no one cares about ur... 4" by 4" stickers on a stop sign that no one can even see if there doin more than 15 mph... ok lets see how many poeple get butt hurt from this comment..thanx.


optimus prime

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Lord Breakfast here with some more photographs form Leicester.

Also, have filled packages for all awaiting a hit will be sending in the morning as soon as the Royal mail open their doors.

Thankyou everyone putting up stickers for me and for taking flix, appreciated and returned . . . . . .


Herr Fruhstuck, mono, Pills, rustysnails, Mister Breakfast


Mister Breakfast, zaru, herr fruhstuck, pills ,mono ,fono, bollox


Mister Breakfast, So Sorry, Zaru, Pills, Mono, Lord Breakfast, Fono, Bollox


Mister Breakfast . .. . . . . . .Obey, London pOLICE, Miasma Goonism, Lord Breakfast

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