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The Street Sticker Thread


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Originally posted by StarzAbove+Jun 1 2005, 07:45 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (StarzAbove - Jun 1 2005, 07:45 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-$19.78@Jun 1 2005, 04:02 PM

So who's doing the birdhouses???


Bob' sis i think and I PM'ed U :rolleyes:




I'm pretty sure there's a cat in Europe who does birdhouse stickers (with hats and such...)

And then again... there's the real thing...



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vs. Goon Squad vs. Bob vs. Dick Ripple vs. Goons vs. Creeper vs. Lord Breakfast vs. Nose vs. The USPS


Peace to everyone...


Originally posted by StarzAbove@Jun 1 2005, 07:45 PM

I PM'ed U :rolleyes:


Sorry Starz... at the moment I'm knee deep in trades and dirty diapers...

Lemme get at you some time next week! Thanks though...

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Mono . . . Uneek and Lord Breakfast , The Miasmatron


Mr Breakfast , Bollox, Mono, Miasma . . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com


Lord Breakfast in Leicester UK, Miasmatron, London Police, Mr Breakfast


Peace in an exagerated loud voice . . . . . Lord B

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another bus mission



^ Empty Eyes from CCC, waiting for the bus.


^ this sign fell and took out a chunk of Slowpokes head on the way down V



^ collab with CCC. If you look hard you can see a slowpoke fill on the stencil.

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yeah my sister does the birdhouses and has been for a few years..she has been painting real ones since i can remember so i told her to start with stickers also..i dont care who else does them cuz no one else gets up like us hehe...plus she does it for fun anyway...everyone does similar sticker work..look how many people started doing characters with a human name after bob, and i dont care..those painted ones are hot ill let her know to check them out im sure she'll like them..


pat the stache again with some pictures..good job!

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this one is two or so years old still going haha..



im trying to think of something interesting we could all do for fun with our stickers...like do the characters or whatever it is that we do..but have all of us add something to it, and we'll all do the same thing for one sticker and flick it and post it to see everyones "rendition" of it...just for something fresh and to keep out minds going fresh..everyone should do a priority mail label with a "summer theme"..anyone else wanna try? haha any other ideas? its raining here so i need some things to draw :rolleyes: :king:


and everyone in philly should go to the bboy bbq on june 11th..ill be there, we need to have blackbook sessions!!! philly@graffiti.net email me and we'll work out meeting up in a group..

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