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The Street Sticker Thread


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those vatoe stickers are always nice to see around.....



some of us just got ebay status haha...i dont know what to say about this...







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$19.78 . . . . Uneek (and Lord Breakfast) . . . as you can see got the package and have gone to work will get more flix and will send some more. . . .

Mister Breakfast . . . . Rusty Snails . . =Rusty Snails. COM=info@monoclothing.com


This doesnt endorse armament just MONO clothing, Mister Breakfast , coating Leicester , Uneek and Mono (Lord Breakfast) . . . one of many


I hate street pigeons . . . i kicked one once and its back fell off . . . use guns to kill pigeons . . . or press the button on your head and turn it off. http://www.monoclothing.com .

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the messed up thing about the ebay thing, is that its a sticker artist doing it. cause the hand drawn rwk one was ment to be a collab(hybrid) one.... send out stickers for free and some one makes money off it... NICE!

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Yeah... That's pretty bogus!

It looks as thought, you can safely say this person is "Meems"... from somewhere in Texas.

I'd say this cuz each auction has mad Meems stickers amongst everything else...


Also theres a couple "Geldz" stickers throughout... which are usually plentiful in stickerswitch.com packets (seeing as he's the guy who runs that)... so it's pretty safe to say the rest are gotten through that site... I dunno... I think it's pretty lame, selling stickers that should either be appreciated and or stuck up somewhere...



On the brighter side of things... Props to Lord Breakfast for always bringing tha fire! Nice job on the collabo ones, and much thanks for the pics! Can't wait to get your pack...

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BIG VO!!! those arent new balances on my feet, they are actually rip off new balances from wal-mart that cost a couple pennies and a ball of lint... cheap as fuck, but u get 4 pairs for the price of one pair of new balances...


$19.78... i am from chicago, and i see goon stickers once in a great while and was wondring how you got intouch with him, kuz i too, would like to get a trade on. pm me bout it if possible.


and about those stickers on ebay, i think thats hella shadey... i mean, if i send you stickers, i expect them to go on a sign, or in a blackbook, or somewhere, but to sell them as a sticker pack, thats just dumb. but hey, who am i to say.

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Originally posted by thebigjvo@May 2 2005, 02:10 AM

i got a question for EVERYONE.........when do you usually go out and put up sticks!?!?!? day night does it matter cause i just fuckin run a muck all day and stick em up, yeah people give me some hard ass looks but fuck em.....just a queery i thought id ask....HOLLA!!!!!! lol

The way I do it - since they're usually the same size or smaller as my hand, stick it sticky side out on the inside of my hand, then as I walk by stick it up almost by grabbing it or whatever - works well on poles. Also - for flat surfaces I just kinda put it up and smooth it out in 1 motion same way w/the poles - people don't even notice since it doesn't even look like I'm doing anything conspicuous. W/the pictures I just get em on the way back.


Been away from the forum for a hot minute - hope all is well.

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Originally posted by SkeleKashe+May 3 2005, 12:26 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (SkeleKashe - May 3 2005, 12:26 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'>
Originally posted by geist@May 1 2005, 10:46 PM

<!--QuoteBegin-SkeleKashe@Apr 29 2005, 10:37 PM

I'd appreciate some commentation

what doesn't kill us...


printeds are up

you get the picture

not too many stickers around here, surprisingly

and I aim to change that



Those are those super mario 2 jawns right?



what is a Jawn?

The Skele Character

is a combination of a japanese mask and smiley face



and Frost, yes it's a park

Nassau County, NY long island

the rest of it was too cluttered with sharpie highschool scribble

so I aimed higher






That's what I was talking about

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