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The Street Sticker Thread


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This forum is supported by the 12ozProphet Shop, so go buy a shirt and help support!
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

ok a lil shameless self promo....

3 Sixteen


Dope clothing and definitely a supporter of street art. Has an interview with Robots Will Kill and a newly added one of El Toro. A lil bout Philly scene and shout outs ofcourse at the end. See if your name got mentioned....




2nd i was lookin through a mag and found out more info on the new Marc Ecko game thats all about graff. still don't know how i feel about it, but big heads are backing it up such as Seen, Cope and Shepard Fairey. They are all computerized and more than likely will be in the game. I dont know what they'll be doing, but the rendering on them is on point. Still dont know how i feel about introducing graff to the masses like that. They are hoping to do what Tony Hawk did for skateboarding and making it commercialized to the public.


Toys will be coming out of the woodworks fo shure when this comes out.



some eye candy





substance abuser...

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Mister Breakfast , Agro , RaH May 17 2005 Last night diggit got over 100 flix today around Leicester http://www.monoclothing.com


Bollox, Miasma . . . . the sloth is back


Fono and Mono , Mister Breakfast , and a street sculpture by Mandippa


Goonism and Herr Fruhstuck , Miasma and Goon

Leicester Narborough Road UK


Mono, Mister Breakfast Miasma, Lord Leigh

http://www.monoclothing.com Mono

info@monoclothing.com info@monoclothing.com

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Some more from Leicester . . .

Mister Breakfast, Bollox, Agro, RaH, Stoln`Recovrd mono innit!


Bollox and Mister Breakfast http://www.monoclothing.com


mono, MiaSmA, Mister Breakfast


Bollox Mister Breakfast Mono Banksy


Not Herr Fruhstuck/Mister Breakfast in the photo , actually a giant scandinavian with a higher reach who was helpful when administrating stickers . . . cheers

Loads more flix coming .. . . really just a preview, trades welcome and appreciated , and everyone expecting will get theirs very soon. know what i mean . . . . Mister breakfast

http://www.monoclothing.com =MONO=

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If it takes me a while to reply to your Pm's, I'm not igging ( Ignoring ). I just been real Bz lately, but I'm ready to get this thing crunk! (I'm ready to get to work), and thanks for the props. Stay splended guys and gals.

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Mister Breakfast Leicester 2005 recent shizzum


Fuck university , could not learn what i know in an institution , dedication and insight are all thats necessary a craving for knowledge that will never be satisfied and all without someone telling me the piece of paper with your name on it is worth something . . . its not.


Facilitate yourself and learn with want and desire , dont be fooled by a system designed to entrap you, thus with knowledge comes realisation and you may at last make sense of the lies they peddle us.


Mister Breakfast http://www.monoclothing.com

Lord Leigh Miasma ant powered treadmill driven mechanism

=MONO= info@monoclothing.com

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Originally posted by the ORkid MAN@May 18 2005, 11:49 PM

eson, yo man, i got yer package today. much props, i'll try to get them up soon,


adobo, and all you uk niggas, big ups.. keep postin, yer shits comin soon


I got your pack today.and I have one word for it.......Stoketacular!

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Leicester May 2005 brought to you by Mister Breakfast

=MONO= info@monoclothing.com


Bollox Mister Breakfast Herr Fruhstuck Mono


Miasma Mono Herr Frustuck http://www.monoclothing.com


Bollox Mono Mister Breakfast Herr Fruhstuck Goonism


Close up . . . . Mono Mister Breakfast Bollox Goon


Some of Leicesters Finest . . . . http://www.monoclothing.com


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