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Guest SPFlatty
Originally posted by cheerleader

will do, man, will do...im trying to come out west with him next time and do some streets out your end of the world too ..hopefully we can get up

awesome...just let us know. maybe we'll come and stop in your neck of the woods for a little bit some time...also, tell spacemanspiff ive been catching a ton of his stuff all of a sudden...


nsf rocks...

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Re: Cheer


Originally posted by se_FOUR

Niceone fella, hey whats happened to a certain NSF member, he still over or has he returned? Mail us bro..


last we heard he was in spain..he got some subs in amsterdam and commuters in italy....thats the last i heard. but hey im still trying my best to get over your neck of the woods ASAP. ill email you bro..long time no talky.

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Originally posted by theblackmack

Read what you just wrote. Now read it again. Why in the hell would you even want to post your shit on this message board, let alone clean trains. If you want him to see them just email, its way easer and much safer.


easy with the tone there cowboy. i would like to be able to share the steel like europeans can, for rep and exposure. i 1000% hate the whole 'secretive clean train' culture. i think its corny to do graff that no one ever sees except a secret club. BUT, i have respect for that world, and im not gonna blow up scenes or systems just cause i dont agree with it 100%. so i wont be posting any, and never do. i was simply saying to someone like Europe (who i dont know nor have his email) that although i like freights, i prefer streets and cleantrains...but, due to the legal situations in the USA, i cant.


if your one of those people whos all about keeping your graff a secret between you and 10 friends, word up, do you....but thats never been what graff was about to me. exposure and rep counts. but i respect enough of the clean train heads to not blow shit up. i keep everything underwraps as well. so ease up on the patronizing tone. no one is hurting you or your steez..dont get so uptight about my MO.

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