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holy motherfucking shitballs.

this movie just kicked my ass

at one point in my life i wanted to produce ultraviolent kungfu movies with hot girls and famous people. quentin just did it and did it better than any other movie ever. so many inside jokes, so much blood, so much good good good movie.

fuck me hard.

i dont care if you hated it it means you suck. this is one of the best movies ever. EVER.

rza did the beats the weapons are beautiful. how can one complain. installment two is when>???????


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I'm with boxcar... this shit just blew me away.


If you've seen the Tarantino interview on the Iron Monkey DVD you knew this was coming. It's a straight up kung-fu/western/tarantino/japanese sitcom/anime gauntlet. Plenty of dismemberment and bad-ass kung-fu correography...once they're both on DVD it's a definite buy. I saw it in this busted ass old theatre and I looked around a few times through-out the movie to see that no one had any idea what the fuck they were watching. I'm geeked for the sequel.


on a similar note..

If I could fuck Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie, roll over, smoke a joint, pass out, and then die tonite, I would.

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Originally posted by seeking

8 diagram pole fighter, like what?!


i need to see this.


yup, the master killer himself.


mutherfuckin had the Shaw Brothers logo at the beginning, classic.



5 Deadly Venoms reference, girl was wearing the bruce lee suit from Game Of Death, some Shogun Assassin type of shit. i thought this movie was beautiful.

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i skipped school yesterday to see tge first showing.. this movie was simply amazing...just fucking ownderful.. god.i cantr stress it enough..



and i love how quintin saved all that money by going black and white and using water for blood lol.. anyone else notie that?


oh my.. wow..this movie rocked..so much.. it is my top movie..


and you can fuck with the flash/anime part =)..holy shit.

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