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STARTING A BUSINESS: Questions about trademarking, copywriting, patents etc....

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My Guess


is that unless your clothing line gets to be mad popular, your biggest problem is going to be marketing it. The big guys aren't going to bother ripping off your ideas unless they become extremely popular.


I produced some baseball caps that I was selling (I wanted a ball cap that said "SP" for Southern Pacific in black and red, with white letters, sort of replicating the colors on SP units.) I found a guy with a small company that does custom embroidery with computer-controlled sewing machines, and all sorts of custom shit like that. His company is in his garage, behind his house. He has to hide it, because his neighbors are all pissed that he has a company in his house.


He puts in about twelve hours a day, but he's his own boss. One thing he produces is labels for small custom clothing lines. One of his customers is a 16-year old kid that started his own blue jeans company. He liked those big huge blue jeans, with big-ass legs and a hammer loop and all kinds of fuckin' pockets for shit like rulers and carpentry tools. He couldn't find any like he wanted. So his Mom made him a pair, but it was a big hassle. As soon as he wore them to school, everybody wanted a pair. They asked his Mom if she would make them a pair, too. She said it was too much hassle. So the kid started a blue jeans company, hired a couple of seamstresses, used his Mom's home-made patterns cut out of newspaper for the first few pairs. His first few customers were kids at school, but then he started making lots of jeans and shopping them around at boutiques and music stores, places like that. "Jungle City Jeans Company." He makes those hip-hop blue jeans with legs about three feet wide, LOL.

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