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Samuri Jack

White United Nation Prisioner Boxcars

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heres an article i found about prision boxcars a few years back....kind of scares me to think that this is true. If any of you have ever seen these, been in them or have photos...let me know. my emails at the bottom, or just post i here.

From the Patriot Report August 1998

The Present Truth Ministry,P.O. Box 1148, Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955


A railroad boxcar building company in Portland, Oregon received a contract to build 400 special boxcars. Sources inside the company described the boxcars as white "prisoner holding" type rail cars. The prison boxcars have been leaving Portland for over a year now and headed for parts unknown.

A U.S. citizen traveling in Canada spotted white boxcars in several locations traveling North along Highway 1 near Hope, British Columbia. More were spotted 175 miles North of Hope close to Spencers Bridge. Others were spotted between Prince George and Dawson Creek. A total of 100 boxcars were seen by this eyewitness.

Some of the boxcars had doors on the ends, instead of on the sides. At least 22 boxcars were white with green doors. An anonymous source who worked at the plant said that the train cars were prison cars ordered and paid for by the United Nations. He also said that the boxcars had shackles and racks built inside by another company before they left Oregon.

The rail line ends in Ft. Nelson, BC where there is a military base. It has been reported by Canadians that most of the military bases in Canada have been designed and built to be utilized as concentration/prison camps.

This information is especially curious since other reports of new highways and bridges have been built in Canada all leading to the American border. The bridges and highways in question are not in highly traveled areas but in remote sites where there is no need for such construction. Military veterans have said that the bridges are built to withstand the weight of the larger more modern tanks. These large highways and bridges have been spotted in Canada in various locations from Washington state to Michigan.

If the enemies of America are planning an invasion they'll have the highways to make it an easy trip, and the most complacent generation in U.S. history to make a "Red Dawn" scenario a complete success. Unless...Americans wake up.


George Eaton


i'll post more info and articles plus photos within the hour.

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This item was taken from a alt.folklore.urban discussion dated 20/02/02.



[ From: T

Subject: K Ladubec- Pilot Spots White Pr-soner Boxcars,



URGENT-Pilot Spots White Pris-ner Boxcars, Pri-oners, While Flying

Over Closed Military Base.

Breaking news-02/16/2002 Distribute this information!!!

By P.


I have just finished a briefing by Al Cup-ett, famed Pentagon

lecturer on MA-TIAL LAW. He shared with me some urgent information

today. The most alarming piece of information came from his friend,

a source in Texas whose "hot info" contact is a commercial commuter

plane pilot.


Not only did I talk to Al C-ppett regarding this, but I also

spoke to Al's info source directly in Texas, who confirmed what Al

had told me and gave me the following information:


His friend flies commercial commuter plane routes over Arizona.

His routes included flying over a closed, restricted access mil-tary

base in Arizona. Normally, the pilot admitted, there were ordinary

railroad boxcars outside the fenced mili-ary facility on railroad



But the pilot did a double-take recently when he flew his route

over this facility, and noted that THIS TIME THERE WERE WHITE BOXCARS




Intrigued, he circled around and flew lower for a closer look.


And again, he saw the WHITE PR-SONER BOXCARS, with rows of

PRISO-ERS waiting to enter these boxcars inside this closed,

restricted mi-itary base. (Note - It is a fact that many of the

older US mil-tary bases which have been closed down, have been

quietly retrofitted to become dete-tion/term-nation camps under

mar-ial law. One such recently-renovated base and now confirmed

ga-sing/cr-matory facility is Indiantown Gap Mi-itary Reservation.

There are many more. -PS)


We do NOT know yet WHO these priso-ers may be. There is speculation

that they could be those referred to by former C-A

insider/whistleblower AL MA-TIN (http://www.almartinraw.com/) in his

article, "CITIZEN, CAN I SEE YOUR ID" in which he refers to the

numerous Amer-cans ordered to be arrested since "9/11" and being held

incommunicado by She-iffs nationwide. It is suspected that many are

people who simply "knew too much" (including F-I, C-A, etc.,) who

all had pertinent "inside information" regarding "9/11" or of the

coming MA-TIAL LAW scenario.


People with such inside info are considered security risks when

such operations finally come down, and are often quietly ter-inated

by the go-ernment to eliminate that risk.


This source in Texas admitted that one such person was not only

quietly arrested and te-minated, but his family removed as well and

his home bulldozed to the ground to eliminate any trace of that

person and his family! As if they had NEVER existed...]


The item in the last paragraph would be a great adventure start, especially

if the 'termination agents' missed someone.


The other feature of interest is the attempt to defeat Echelon.



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A BILL to amend Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty generally, so as to provide a statement of legislative policy; to provide for death by guillotine; and for other purposes.


1. Teper 61st



House Comm: SJudy / Senate Comm: /

House Vote: Yeas Nays Senate Vote: Yeas Nays


House Action Senate


1/12/96 Read 1st Time

1/22/96 Read 2nd Time



Code Sections amended:






HB 1274 LC 21 3643






1- 1 To amend Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official

1- 2 Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty

1- 3 generally, so as to provide a statement of legislative

1- 4 policy; to provide for death by guillotine; to provide for

1- 5 applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other

1- 6 purposes.






1- 8 The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to

1- 9 death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for

1-10 transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that

1-11 electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for

1-12 transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting

1-13 this legislation is to provide for a method of execution

1-14 which is compatible with the donation of organs by a

1-15 condemned prisoner.




1-16 Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official Code of

1-17 Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty generally,

1-18 is amended by striking in its entirety Code Section

1-19 17-10-38, relating to death sentences generally, and

1-20 inserting in lieu thereof the following:


1-21 "17-10-38. (Index)


1-22 (a) All persons who have been convicted of a capital

1-23 offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death

1-24 shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such

1-25 punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine. If

1-26 the condemned fails to make an election by the thirtieth

1-27 day preceding the date scheduled for execution, punishment

1-28 shall be by electrocution.

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In or around 1991, a convoy of military transport vehicles, manned by a group of marines, transported close to 100,000 units of SOMETHING...in CRATES...headed for a supposedely "closed" military base in Montana. This was a SECRET mission. As part of the crew was the son of a family friend of, one of my oldest Seattle friends (also a client). When they reached their drop-off point the drivers were BLINDFOLDED and taken to a holding facility.

What this young man saw was a crate being emptied of it's contents...and those contents...a FULL SIZED GUILLOTINE


Without going into particulars, about 3 months later a dear friend was heading back from Michigan to Los Angeles. She chose (due to financial hardship) to take a bus here. This particular bus (the line will remain un-named) was comindeered by its driver (unbeknowst to the passengers) past a UN-run US Military base. A NEW WORLD ORDER base Woody! There were dozens of solid black helicopters and military men in black, training.


My friend, also a patriot type, had heard rumors of such bases but was really shocked to see one. At the lunch stop she asked the driver what that was. He then smiled, and leaned closer to her and in a low voice he began to explain that he hoped people would ask. He explained to her that he deliberately drove his bus several miles OUT OF THE WAY so that he could pass the base and so expose a few people to this scene. He was very concerned about what he'd seen himself and this was HIS way of exposing what he feared was some clandstine miliraty buildup!


He then proceeded to tell her that he had been involved in the military for several years and had worked his way up in the ranks and ended up in Naval intelligence. His last post was in the Huston area in Texas. He further explained that he had seen this build up and the secretive goings-on of the UN-controlled factions of the military, had been taken to several of these secret bases, and then he saw something in Houston that really threw him!

He told my friend that their base had received a secret shipment, under the cover of darkness one night. He was involved in keeping anyone from the base, except chosen personell, from seeing them. And he said, "They unpacked full sized GUILLOTINES!"

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Q: WHAT could possibly be so terrible a crime that this form of punishment could be pushed on the American people as a GOOD idea?

A: We had our answer to this as the initial outcry from the Oklahoma City bombing was answered by Clinton's promise to make ATTACKS on any FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, or ATTACKS on any FEDERAL PREMISES is to be punishable via the Death Penalty!


Q: Would the American democracy allow Guillotines. Why Guillotines at all?

A: Well...Guillotines are USUALLY ASSOCIATED with POLITICAL executions and are, at BEST, not what I would consider a nice way to die. In fact they were used TO TERRIFY the onlookers into NOT COMMITING such and such a crime!)


HOW could Washington pull off a propaganda campaign so good that they could convince people that this is a good idea?


Why so MANY Guillotines?


Which State will use them first?


Why Guillotines at all?

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He stated that execution by Guillotine was HUMANE because...ready???...IT is the ONLY FORM OF EXECUTION that does not DAMAGE THEIR ORGANS...and he said that these ORGANS could be used to save lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mojave, Ca.- Chicago Hts., Ill. - Albion, Pa. - Portland, Oregon:

Patriots who watch the railroads for evidence of UN military vehicles and

tanks have reported a new development in the concentration camp program for

America. In September 1998, spotters noticed boxcars painted white showing

up out west. Since all rail cars have to have a special number on the side

in order to be routed to their destination, these boxcars stood out like a

sore thumb. Typically, a boxcar would have a number like CSXT 119626, for

example. CSXT is a "reporting mark" indicating that the railroad that owns

the car is CSX Transportation. Burlington Northern - Santa Fe railroad is

BNSF, Union Tank Car is UTLX, et cetera.

An employee of a manufacturer of the boxcars spoke on condition of

anonymity about the boxcars. This company, Gunderson Rail Car Co., received

a contract to build over 400 boxcars for transporting prisoners. They have

shackles and racks built inside by another company before they are shipped

out. The boxcars were ordered and paid for by the UN, and have been shipped

to parts unknown for over a year now. These prisoner boxcars are being

manufactured by several companies like Gunderson, including Thrall Railcar,

but are not limited to these companies. Although coincidental, the name

"Thrall" means "slave". Or maybe it isn't a coincidence?

Another railcar that seems to be popping up all over the USA is

the old fashioned "camp car" which was used for maintenance-of-way crews to

live in while out repairing railroad tracks. These resemble mobile homes

and are anchored to the frames of flat cars. These camp cars are designed

to accommodate six to eight railroad workers but could hold over two dozen

persons if it were used to transport passengers. The problem with these is

that most railroads today have all but eliminated the use of these

expensive-to-maintain railcars in favor of cheap motels. So, all these

railcars have to go somewhere, why not give them to the UN? It seems that

they have been going to Pennsylvania, California, and Canada to be

"retrofitted" for prisoner transport. Especially revealing is the fact that

these "camp cars" are still being made when railroads don't use them much

anymore; and there can be only one possible explanation for the new demand

for these railcars.

Most recently, the retrofitted auto carriers have been added to

the list of "prisoner boxcars". These railcars are actually not boxcars.

These are articulated A-B type units with a rubber "accordion" vestibule

connecting them and small square ventilation vents perforated in the smooth

sheet metal. Although these railcars are painted white, they do have normal

railroad markings on them such as "Kansas City Southern", suggesting that

they may be recouping the investment in them by using them for moving

livestock such as pigs and cattle. Cattle today, and chattel tomorrow.

Many of the detention facilities and concentration camps have

railheads, which allow for massed prisoner transport. The identification of

these boxcars closes the loop on this subject, and illustrates just how

complete the plans for detention have become.

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no you didn't, you clearly saw slaves being put into those. maybe there were slaves in the toyotas, did you ever think about that? anyway, painting on boxcars with people in them is just badass.

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Guest Graff Jesus

dunno about this. i think i'm gonna call bullshit.


there's a good 3-5 lines of those things at this navy munitions site near my house. i'm pretty sure nobody has ever painted them because they are in a big ass field surrounded by fences and patrolled by (military) trucks. i'm also pretty sure they keep ammunition in there or something, not people. this is certianly more believable because back in the 70s or whevever a bunch of them derailed in a yard near here and dumped out a bunch of shells into the ground. when they were rennovating the yard a couple years back they unearthed some and detonated them. you could hear them for miles around. i think they even had to evacuate some people's houses who lived near there.


if you didn't know, there's also yellow army boxcars, which serve the same purpose. i should go get a picture for you retards.

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Like spotting a UFO. Seems like they would be past transporting prisoners via trains, with todays technology and all. But you never know with this country and all it's "covert" operations in the past. Kinda spooky.

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