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SAVAGE battle of new earth

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SAVAGE battle of new earth



if you guys havent herd of this game...go check it out...my bro just got it and i have to say.......it is one of the coolest online games ive ever played!!



heres the catch....you can play it two ways...1:like starcraft where you controll all the units and build stuff...and it looks like warcraft, that looking down on everything veiw.


or 2: you play AS the units!!!! first person shooter style!!! the commander dude gives you upgrades and you go in to the heat of battle with sords and guns! you also help build stuff to ITS SICK SHIT!!!



i couldnt believe they made a game like this BUT IT GETS BETTER!!





there are two races the humans (whom look like rad buffed up native americans)


and the beast hoard! which are a massive assortmant of mutated animals!


this game is fucking crazy so here are some pics!





















i got into battles that consisted of like 40 people per side!



truely one of the funnest and inovative games of the year!




check out more here http://www.s2games.com/savage/index.html

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yah i hate games like starcraft n shit....i played the first person shooter part...it was soo crazy! you get these big sords n stuff and you would go into battle with like 50 people arownd you...it got really nuts




its big on team work....your commander has to help you and you have to help your commander..


everyone has a part....but sometimes you will get a bad commander...but your able to vote the commander out!



if everyone has there shit together...your team is unstopable.





it sooo rad:king:

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