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Guest BROWNer

Devils Playground

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Guest BROWNer

so i rented this last night.

i think websteroner recommended this

awhile back...

it's about these amish teens who have to

choose the amish life or the modern life

when they turn a certain age..they get

5 years to experience modern life, drive

cars, smoke drugs and drink, all the regular

teen things. at the end of this period they

have to choose one or the other. but,

if they choose the modern life, they effectively

cut themselves off from their amish family and


plus the soundtrack is afx's selected ambient 2,

all the super beautiful tracks.

good shit.

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aphex twin...whole soundtrack to movie is rdj????whoa!!!!!!!!!! that would make it more worth it than 8mm...damn.....amish chicks? wooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddd

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I remember mentioning this a while back during a song help thread, cause I've been trying like a motherfuck to pin down the closing credits song. I believe it's by Animals on Wheels, but I'm not entirely sure. Most of the soundtrack is Aphex Twin, but there's a few other drop-ins... they're all listed on the credits.


Anyways, it's dope. I expected it to be a little wilder, with just a bunch of Amish people getting fucked up and sexing it up all over the place, but it's actually pretty serious stuff. Recommended.


Browner, I remember you pointed me to "Project Grizzly"... fucking awesome stuff. If you're in the mood for really funny docs in the same vein, pick up "Cane Toads". It's short, but it's fucking hilarious.


*I just ran a search on the forum and apparently there's a few threads about "Devil's Playground"... I never even noticed...

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Guest BROWNer

yea i never noticed either...

mamerroid, i tried to dl that animals on wheels song,

i think you're talking about the one at the end of the

film(?)..the song title was the same on the tune i dled,

but there wasn't much of a break in it..it's gotta be a

remix or vice versa.


project grizzly..man, that guy is a specimen of

the highest order, especially when he recounts his

life changing encounter. i had sore stomach muscles

the next day from that scene.

i'm gonna scope for cane toads, thanks for the

heads up amigo.

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you guys have no idea what it's like to come back from a hard day's work in the mountains and then...BAM! there is a family of amish people standing in the rain.. two of them on horses and the rest walking with cheap ass ponchoes on. asking you for directions to a spot that is 8 miles away saying "we just came out for a day hike"...


now shit like that will make you "really" crazy.


here are some good docs... I think you mean documentaries:


vernon, florida!!

gates of heaven

fast, cheap and out of control


they are all by errol morris. if you want to have faith in a man instead of in god. have faith in errol morris. this dude has an important story to tell and also an important life lesson to learn from another human. try, try again. I never watched the last one he did "dr. death" cause shit... I am the doctor of death. no one else.

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