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The Beef thread...

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Originally posted by urban cowboy

Sounds like the kinda thing the class geek would say when you bully him too much. Posh posh posh :crazy:

yeah? guess what....the class geek usually goes on to make the most cash and get the best jobs while all the "cool kids" end up flipping burgers at age 35.



Now gimme a refill on my coke bitch

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Originally posted by JonCoaltrain

Are you wearing one of his shirts?:lol: Naw man, it's all opinion, and I would never sell out after 3 years. I've only been painting about 4 1/2 years and if someone offered me money for some graff shit, I'd say no, go to this guy or that guy, hes been at it longer, bombed harder, travelled to paint more ect, ect. I wouldn't want to be in Dalek's shoes anyway, cuz as you can tell he is being taken out by real writers, even though he is getting paid. I mean the dude just does the same gay ass characters over and over. You can jock him all you want and give him all your money, while I'm cooking at work to get paid money and paying dues painting graf ILLEGALLY....Maybe after I've been painting for 15-20 years like Zephyr or some shit I'll try to make money off of graffiti. But I doubt it. Have a nice day, and tell Dalek I said wussup next time your suckin him off.:D


Oh I doubt Si is jealous either, he's obviously getting his as well being featured in magazines and all. Hey this is my 100th post! Now I'm cool.


i guess you're just keeping it real :(

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Originally posted by PornoStars@Oct 20 2003, 09:53 AM

Originally posted by freeque

I think Panik took out an oldschool dub, by one of the founders of TKS.


Hence the beef.


who founded TKS?

I always thought it was Dye 406, Sun and a few people from that era.


However a croyden "yout" who claimed to be in TKS recently told me that it was in fact started by Touch, which came as a shock to me :)



i thought it was tube and kilus crew

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