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so i saw a kid get hit by a car today.


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I got hit by a car once, was in the hospital for 2 months...one of them was in a bed, the other was in a wheel chair, they actually told me i might not be able to walk again at one point...you have no idea how that feels...after lots of physical thearapy i was able to walk and shit...i still have random back pains sometimes that get so bad i have to lay down and just take it.

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Originally posted by CRAMPS

my friend saw this garbage man get eaten by the garbage truck in front of his house


sorry, but when i read that.... i couldnt stop laughing. i know this is meant to be a serious topic, but....damn. go back and read that post again.


back to the subject, a couple of years ago i was at a bar with some guys from work, when we heard a mad explosion outside. some guy had tried to bomb the computer centre across the road, god knows why, but had detonated the bomb accidently before he got inside. there were bits of him all over the lawn. we went back to the bar and got very, very drunk.

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Originally posted by BAMBOOZLED

PFFFFT I would've drove off.


ha. I got hit by a garbage truck while on my bike. They waved for me to cross the street and as soon as i did they gunned it and plowed into me. That shit hurt man. And on top of that they drove off laughing.

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I think the term zebra stripes is more of a Euro thing...I've used it before.


One of my friends got hit by a truck running from the cops. It flipped her up on the windshield. She then rolled down off the hood and the asshole driving then proceeded to run over her. She died in her husbands arms and right in front of several friends. The guy driving was stopped and arrested a few blocks away.

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