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I have a friend, well he started off as a friend, that wont leave me alone. He is everywhere. At first we were cool, he was just a friend, then he completely changed. It started with the questions......

"So...when are we gonna go out?"

"Oh never? but for real, when are we gonna get together?"

"REALLY! when we gon' go out baby?"

he will go on like that for an hour if i let him.

he doesnt take no for an answer, so i usually just walk away. But he'll ask the same things the next day whenever he sees me.Then it was the touching. Ive punched him in the face a couple of times, he doesnt touch me that much anymore. But now he is everywhere. I was walking today, and this nigga jumped out from behind a tree. This isnt the first time this had happened. I cant go anywhere without him being there. He knows all of my friends now. I was talking to my best friend and she said that he's been talking about me. Saying things like " Oh, im gonna get with [my name], shes just playing hard to get. Im just playing around, i havent laid my game on her yet, just watch"....errr, does this mean the worst is yet to come? He keeps telling me he knows where i live. I know where he lives, and we live pretty damn close. He knows all my friends, so its only a matter of time before he comes for a suprise visit. Keep in mind that he isnt the most attractive man in the world. His teeth are stacked like dominoes. I havent done anything but talk to him, so i dont know why he is so cocky. He's crazy, any he's not the only one. His cousin is pretty damn crazy too, and has also been bugging me. He threatened to follow me home. I have also heard that this isnt the first time he has done this to someone. WHAT SHOULD I DO?


I try to be nice to people. I really try. But if this is the trouble i get into everytime i am, forget it then. I'm perfectly happy with going back to being a bitch.

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Originally posted by DREDZ

c'mon give the nigga a chance:idea:


NO. These are violent people im dealing with.


edit: I could try the pretend boyfriend thing, but i dont think it would work. He doesnt seem like the type of guy that would really care whether i had a man or not. I'll try it though.

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i have a stalker... and it used to be a girlfriend/friend way back in the day but now it has gotten out of hand.... well she is 4000+ miles a way but it rediculous lets see, since the last time i cleaned out my work e-mail box august 1st i have recieved 46 e-mails, at least half of those copied to my personal addy and then another 20 or so sent only to my personal addy, usually a call to each of my phones every night, followed by a text message.. now she threatens to show up at my house sometime.... and in that time i have not responded or talked to her once! fucking psycho.... i started talking with her as friends again and she thought i was trying to go somewhere with it and now has flippped!!!



"so anyway, all I've been wanting from you is for you to forgive me... for you to not hate me so much, it would make such a difference"



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haha....i hit him really hard in the mouth this morning. It made a nice little sound too. I was telling him off, and he grabbed me again....so yeah, i hit him. Havent seen him since. Im really suprised he didnt me back though....so thats the end of that..


Anyone else ever had a stalker?



edit: i really cant spell

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had this crazy girl follong me for a minute in high school. seriously, it was to the point that i had to have friends with me all the time, so they sould check around corners to make sure she wasnt there waiting for me. not quite to the extent you have there, but scary none the less.

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So wait.....you're a chick?


I'm really out of the 12oz loop.....


But on another note, I know this one kid, not so much a stalker, more like clingy and pathetic. I met him in grade 9. I smoked a blunt with him at lunchtime behind these apartments. Then the calls started. I was getting calls from this kid like everyday. It was annoying. By grade 10 I'd kind of started ignoring him, but he had somehow weaseled his way into my "circle", and was now everywhere I went. Since I'd brushed him off, he started to cling on to my friend Matt. He got a job in the same place as him, showed up to his parties, everything. By grade 12 Matt had also gotten sick of his annoying tendencies. So then he started to cling on to my friend Ryan, repeating the same cycle. Now, Ryan is sick of him, but this kid has no one else to cling on to, so we're kind of worried that if we tell this kid to fuck off, which I should have done 6 years ago, that he might do something crazy, turn into a REAL stalker. He calls Ryan like 3 times a day, it's gotten to the point where he can't just ignore the calls because they just won't stop. That can't be healthy, there's got to be something wrong with him. Some people are just so desperate for human contact.....

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6 hours ago, Craig.323 said:

i was here in 2005 and I never posted anything using tresdias, the password must've been cracked as it was too short.

If I was not trying to seek approval I think my time here would be more peaceful.



If you never posted with that account it was probably purged since it had not content associated with it.

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