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Metal Band Plan Onstage Suicide

Rodney Trotter

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Controversial Florida rock band Hell on Earth are reportedly planning to host an on-stage suicide during a concert next month. With the band claiming the event is intended to raise awareness of a euthanasia society and is not a publicity stunt.


The suicide will take place during a gig at St. Petersburg's State Theater, Atlanta on October 4. The unnamed voluteer is a terminally ill member of the euthanasia society and intends to raise awareness for the cause. It has not been explained how the suicide will take place.


"I support the right to die with dignity," Hell on Earth singer Billy Tourtelot explained to Rolling Stone, "I got an email a few weeks ago from this person, who is a fan of the band and who stated an interest in doing this. I was skeptical at first, but we did some research and talked to the person and met, and they're going to do it."


The fan involved has since issued a press release saying,


"I thank the Lord that Hell on Earth is giving me this opportunity to end my suffering. I just want to say as my last will and testament that this is my God-given choice to end my life. I'd prefer to have a physician-assisted suicide but until the laws are changed, those who are in pain like me will either have to continue to suffer or do it themselves."


Hell On Earth are no strangers to controversy. Their songs include 'Toilet Licking Maggot' and 'My God Is Heroin' and onstage in the past Tourtelot has had intercourse with cows and drunk blended rats.


However Tourtelot denies that is a publicity stunt or a crime saying, "We have legal representation, and this is not illegal. I'm definitely not assisting in any suicide. What I'm doing may be immoral, but it's not illegal."


Hell on Earth’s website, which announced the event, has recently been removed and St. Petersburg police are inverstigating the claims. It's a second-degree felony in Florida to assist a suicide (and it carries a fifteen year prison sentence) but police are reportedly trying to get more information and haven't yet determined how to respond.


"What they're proposing to do is a crime," says Bill Proffitt of the St. Petersburg Police. "I don't know if this is a publicity stunt, but we will most likely try to head them off at the pass and show them the statute. They may not be aware that it is a crime."


in the past Tourtelot has had intercourse with cows and drunk blended rats


:eek: :confused: :dazed:




That sounds like some next level ish...

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yeah.. drinking rats and screwing farm animals is definetly gangster. screw suicide. that doesnt tak eany balls..


this reminds me of something that happens every year around here. there is this big festival that takes up like 6 alleys and has like 4 stages. its kinda underground but ita has all types of people.. its cool.. anyways. this year. this band was fuckin nuts.. this dude had some lighter fluid and was puring all on his leather pants and fucking burning up his leg. and as he was burning his leg he jumped off the stage and was attempting to attack the audience, and he was like hitting little kids and shit//.. majorly weird.. apparently everytime they put ona show, they get banmned from the bar or what have you, cause when they leave there is apparently thousands of dollars in damages... fucke dup..

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I hope that the theatre collapses on teteronis or whatever his gayass name is and kills him, that wuss who wants to kill himself, and the idiots who show up to listen to that lame music. metal ooooooooh tough... buncha zitted out fags who got beat up in highschool, so they live with their moms and hate on everything.



Im goin to the Hillary Duff concert and am going to make out with hot little chicks.


Later, you metal fags.

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We norwegians have found other ways to amuse ourselves. Just last month these blackmetal kids broke into a morgue, cut a head of a body and brought it to a party. Now that's what i call entertainment! Offcourse the police caught them and the kid who planned it out had to go to jail for two years..the two other guys got off with like 300 hours of community service each.

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Originally posted by 26SidedCube

Sounds like GG Allin finally has some competition....


If I ever killed myself I'd hook a couple plungers to a gasmask and have someone stab them into my chest so I could suck the breath from my own lungs... people should pay me to kill them creatively.


haha... this made me laugh. want a creative suicide? watch the movie Delicatessen. WATCH IT. THAT IS WHAT THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE.

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Originally posted by LivinDigital

Im goin to the Hillary Duff concert and am going to make out with hot little chicks.




dude....make shure you feel up there newly budding brests, and touch there freshly ripend cooter!



and then they run away all confused n shit because they still havent matured mentally. jammed with the thaught of what you just did.....

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Originally posted by !@#$%

aiding and abetting a suicide?



florida death metal has always been ill..

tampa is the home of deicide.


my boy lived right next door to deicide in the mid 90s and said they are SUPER cool guys who just hate christianity.. i guess they partied alot togeather and all that.. so yeah.. deicide is pretty nice, but they'd punch christ if given a chance. i, being a good christian, wouldnt.

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