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so anybody use this?? www.netflix.com


it rocks!!! no more late fees!!! I have been using it for a bit now but was just thinking about it as i went through a movie thread, when I saw a recommended movie I just searched and added them to my rental que. They have most movies. $14 or $20 a month for as many dvd;s as you can fit in. So if your into dvd's and have spent lord knows how much on late fee's check this out. its much appreciated!!

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Guest WebsterUno



my cuzz used to work there

when they first started up.

he used to watch movies all day.

I know some folks that use that service

too. They said its a pretty good service.

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I've been meaning to sign up for the free trial period for about a year now. I should probably check it out

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yeah, you should. after the free period they will try to sign you up for the $20 dollar service, which is any three movies out at once but there is also a 2 movie choice which is like 15 a month. and when ever you send on back it usually takes only 2 days to get the next on your list, which you can create a huge one (list) on the site. somebody once told me that they said they never recieved a couple of the disc and the company didn;t even sweat it.... thinking about doing that for style wars!! i've kept movies for months before too, thats when they get you...paying for the month and not even renting...but thats nothing to late fees i used to pay.

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