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Rodney Trotter

Where those Iced Out Kitten Slayers at?

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It's those damn yobs again....


link here


20-Stone Yob Who Bit Off Kitten's Head




This is the 20-stone yob who allegedly bit off a kitten’s head in front of kids at a barbecue.


Farmworker Dewi Richards, 32, is at the centre of a police investigation after the sickening act.


Proud Kaya Kemp, 12, was showing two-week old Tabby off to friends when the tiny pet escaped from her box.


Her mum Karen said: "A chap picked little Tabby up and put her head in his mouth. He bit down and blood spurted everywhere. When I realised what happened I was so angry, I tried to hit him."


"But he said if I didn’t stop he’d bite my head off, too. I was disgusted. It was obviously cruel to the kitten but it was also horrible for the children who saw it. There must have been 15 or 20 kids in the garden at the time."


Everyone was furious with him and he ran off with the body of the kitten.


Richards - a dad of two - was arrested after complaints to police and the RSPCA in Llanelli, South Wales.


He is on bail pending further inquiries.


Inspector Tom Edwards said: "A woman was physically sick after seeing the kitten killed. Children were screaming and upset. It was an extremely depraved act."


"People at the barbecue challenged the man and he made off."


The incident has left feelings running high on Llanelli’s tough Morfa estate. Richards’ house was daubed with the slogan 'kitty cat killer' and he was threatened by neighbours.


Richards and wife Amanda have since spent time away from home with their children.


Neighbour Christine Brookfield said: "Some of the kids at the barbecue have been having nightmares."


An RSPCA spokeswoman said: "It was a sickening act of the worst possible kind against a defenceless animal."


Police are now completing their interviews of people who were at the barbecue.


Richards who is working at his father’s dairy farm was unavailable for comment.


His dad Hugh, a former Welsh president of the National Farmers’ Union, said: "This is in the hands of solicitors."


A family friend said: "I can’t believe he would have done this - he has grown up with animals all his life."



Sounds like my kind of barbecue!

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Guest sneak

this guy has 3 main problems:


1) he's welsh

2) he's fat

3) he's ugly.


damn, life is tough for some people...

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