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The Bible


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Aight, I'm sure everyone is pretty much fed up with me complaining (Yeah, I am fed up with me too...) but I think people need to look through this thread from page 1. This thread is a pure and holy example (hence the name "Bible" ;)) of how a blackbook should look like. It's an even better example of how pieces look like when executed properly with effort. This thread isn't just to show the shit you did 15-30 minutes ago with a bic pen. Save that for the "New Sketches Thread". I'm not saying this to knockoff the people who previously posted. The stuff is good, but not necessarily up to par with the standards that should be met. If sorry if this sounds harsh but I think it was something that needed to be said.




^Persure for Yes2. Stolen from The Exhange.




By the way, I suck so I'm not trying to "big-up" myself by saying all of that^.


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Yellow Feets- I don't know if your comment was in the least bit a reference to my post, but if so, I only hope it is not for the wrong reasons. Something that was done '15-30 minutes ago with a bic pen' more often than not does end up looking like crap, but I usually find the most quality work to be in the pieces that don't appear to be over-worked. Keeping a modest palette without any superfluous color schemes gives the piece that easy to absorb, clean look . Joker is a perfect example.

But I do agree, this thread has gone a bit downhill and may need a good washing.

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