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chipmunks are deff. not gay...but those don't look like Alvin and the Chipmunks


and the one above looks like something my 7 year old cousin drew but with a shimmer of talent...


my advice...like just about everyone elses PRACTICE

the black and white one..try doin it without all that black stuff in the background and actually focus on your letters being good before you start adding all that additional stuff

same thing for the chipmunk one...work on your letters because until your letters are tight no cute lil chipmunks are gonna help it

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I've been tryin 3D for about 3 weeks now, these are the best I got so far, let me no what you think.


plus, NOUM fuck me man your styles are fuckin sik, I dont care if anyone says your bitin totem or whatever but I recon you got such good stuff goin on. and to be honest I would like to see one of these haters even trace a totem piece, let alone get tips from his style.


everyone got to start somewhere, people dont just pic up a pencil or can and get style, even totem had to get goin, and he used to copy straight up out of books.


keep it up noum, and all 3d artists on this thread-



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hey unoe, it looks like youve definately got some artistic skill, and a good sense of space and 3d form. Advice: Try to focus more on that all-important letter structure more than just trying to make the piece look more complex in 3d. Ive noticed you cut random squares out of places, which to those who dont write graff would be amazing, because its done well, but to those here who know the drill, if you want to step it up a notch, concentrate more on he flow of your letters than the displacement of arbitrary cubes.



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I love explosive 3d


here sum old explosion type 3d,







p.s- noum I aint tryin to bite you wit the dark shaded bits I was doin that before I came on here just thort I would say, also I see what you mean skribbler but I prefer doin 3d where the letters arnt the main focus, I like cuttin loads of bits out of the 3d to make it complicated and I hope thats a style that I can call my own, my first stuff used to not even contain letters so I prefer all that kind of thing-thanks for comments, tell me what you think of these-


they are a little totem esque but it'll form sooner or later-






p.s- ingore that little gay bit of text to the left of the first pic, its for my gcse school art thing-

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