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The Dude

how to get rid of a sinus cold fast, i need advice

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ok, yesterday i started noticing the common symptoms of sinus cold. the problem is, on monday i kind of set up a date(?) with this girl ive been trying to hang out with for a month now. weve tried to hang out 2 times before, but our schedules are conflicting. so tonites the nite we are suppposed to chill, and im feeling a little better, but not 100%. ive taken 3 tylenol cold& sinus pills and i drank a bottle of trader joes super C. does anyone know any quick cures for the common cold?

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a lot of zinc helps (its kinda harmful, but won't hurt you..it'll kill the cold virus)

as well as tea..a lot of hot green tea

and yerba mate


antioxidants in that stuff will help immunity


drink a ton of fluids


and that cold-eeze shit works, but only in that it shortens the duration of the cold and decreases its severity, doesn't cure it.


all that stuff will put a dent in it

there is no cure for the cold

(it is a virus with literally thousands of variants so your body can't build immunity to every type and no antibiotic can crush even a fraction of the strains..it mutates to quickly to be contolled)


good luck

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If you start getting congested, here's a trick my girlfriend taught me:


While in the shower, take a cup and fill it up with warm water. Add salt. Mix. Plug one nostril, close your mouth, lean your head back, and pour the water up one of your nostrils. It'll feel weird, but not bad. Let it sit in there for a few seconds, then lean your head forward and let it drain out. Then blow your nose. You should get TONS of crap that had been clogging your sinuses out.


I'm being completely honest here .. not posting this so you'll drown in the shower. I've tried it a few times and it helps to clear up the congestion/drainage.

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I know this is gonna sound like a complete piece of bullshit that i usually say on this board but this really works. Might be too time consuming for your problem at hand right now but consider it for your next sinus cold.


I made this contraption that will clear out your head in about 15 minutes. It kinda works along the same lines as what pmb was saying. I had a gas mask with a hose in it. just the piece that goes over your mouth and nose like in a plane or at the dentist when they gas you. I attatched the hose part to a water bottle. Fill the water bottle part way up with boiling water. Now here is the part i dont remember. There is a tube of some jelly menthol shit. I cant remember the name of it. I put that into the water and mixed it around. The menthol steam goes into your sinuses from the little contraption i built and knocks everything out of your head with a vengence. I don't get sinus colds any more.


Now i just drink my colds to death with whiskey. That seems to work pretty well too.

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Guest WebsterUno



for a quick fix...try this...

my boss turned me on to them.

I had my doubts, but I get

crazy allergies, and this will

hook you up proper!




a link to the page for more info...




works for me!

Take the daytime pills, so you dont feel

all 'stoned' when youre on your date.

Or you could always do the Crocodile Dundee method!



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My dad used to do the thing PMB said. I guess it works. I have some kind of disease my nose is seriously clogged up 24/7. Ive had a stuffy/ runny nose for a couple years straight now. I think im gonna try that salt water thing. I can always suck this nasty ass snot out of my nose every day but it just plugs up again. My sense of smell sucks horribly as a result of this.

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