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Guest WebsterUno


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Guest WebsterUno

I experienced something weird last night.

I was driving to a certain location, and I missed

my turn. So, I take a different turn, and Im

in my old neighborhood. My cousin still lives

there and my pops does too. So, IM driving

down the street, and Im thinking I sould go

visit my cuzz. I havent seen him for about

a month. I hardly see him, and I havent

had much contact with him since my grandma

passed away a few months ago. He used to live

with her. So did I, for a while, back in the day.

So, I was thinking about visiting him and having a lil

chit chat about things and how he has been doing.

Anyway, Im thinking this, and all of a sudden,

he pops up, dribbling a basket ball down the street.

I honk my horn and pick him up. He was headed

to the church down the street, where my granny

had her funeral. He was going to shoot some hoops.

So I drive him there, and we play a game of horse.

Best game Ive played in ages.

Now, had I not taken that wrong turn, I would have

missed him. What do you make of that?



anybody have any strange coincidences like that

happen to you? My other cousin was with me when this

happened. I told him what I was thinking, and he

tripped out on it too. He said, "things happen for a reason."




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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

things do happen for a reason.

I think that every girlfriend, friend

or cool oppourtunity I've ever had

seemed to happen by mistake. You

never find what you're looking for

untill you it finds you, and usually

by suprise. That's just how it goes.



^ Webs Paragraph Stylee ™

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I had a discussion last night with my girlfriend over whether or not "everything happens for a reason" is true. Here's a simplistic version of the conversation:


It's very easy for one to say "everything happens for a reason" when you end up a winning at X. But the same statement doesn't ring true when you end up losing at X.


For example, why did slavery occur? Why did 7 million Jews die during the Holocaust? For what reason did they suffer? Did their suffering/pain lead to any greater good? One may argue that, yes, those alive today have a better life because of the pain that their forefathers endured. But what about the lives of the actual slaves/Jews? Someone who is born into slavery, toils their entire life, then dies in slavery - what can you tell that person when they ask, "Does everything happen for a reason?" What kind of response is, "Yes, because in 100 years your descendents will live a better life than you?" That doesn't help the problem that is here and now.


I ended up arguing that I think the blanket statement of "everything happens for a reason" is merely a way for people to console themselves when things go wrong - a way to convince themselves and those around them that all of the pain will eventually recede and life will be better than it was previously. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work out that way. Life sucks sometimes - and occasionally it never gets better.



** I have a feeling this post was extremely rambling, but I don't have the time to go back and edit it. Class time.

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