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NFL 2003 Superthread

king kong

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Guest WebsterUno







ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...fuck the niners!

yeah, raiders suck this year too...oh well.






San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early this morning after San Jose State University police pulled him over for driving erratically near campus.


Garcia, 33, was arrested about 1:50 a.m. after a patrol officer spotted his white sport utility vehicle making unspecific traffic violations near campus, according to a police statement. The officer tailed the SUV, "observing its erratic operation," and stopped the vehicle as Garcia pulled into a Jack in the Box restaurant at San Carlos and Fourth streets.


Garcia identified himself and "admitted to the officer that he had been drinking alcoholic beverages," according to police. A preliminary blood-alcohol test indicated Garcia was legally intoxicated, but conclusive results will not be available for about two weeks.


Police did not release the preliminary blood-alcohol figure. A driver is legally drunk if the level exceeds 0.08 percent.


Garcia reportedly attended a San Jose Sharks hockey game Tuesday night. He was with another man and two women when he was pulled over. Police did not identify them.



The quarterback was booked into Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose at 3:30 a.m. "He was described by the booking officer as cooperative," said jail spokesman Mark Cursi. "There had been no problems, no issues.


"In a typical situation, an individual is assessed and when its determined that they can safely conduct themselves they'll be released," Cursi said. "What's typical for this type of charge, if they're a local resident, is a cite and release that is, a written promise to appear in court."


Garcia was released from the jail shortly after 9:30 a.m. He huddled behind tinted windows in the back seat of a black Lincoln Navigator driven by an unidentified woman as it pulled away from a throng of reporters and photographers.


Garcia attended San Jose State, played in the Canadian Football League for several seasons and joined the 49ers in 1999. He took over as the full-time starter the next season.


The 49ers released the following statement from general manager Terry Donahue: We were informed early this morning that Jeff Garcia was arrested for driving under the influnce in San Jose. We understand the seriousness of this matter and regret that it happened. We are just very thankful that no one was injured. We will continue to gather information from the San Jose State Police Department. Due to the legal issues involved we will not be able to comment any further.

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Guest im not witty

im going to be in philly this weekend, so ill get to see first hand all those fans crying when we beat them. ima need to wear a vest to dave and busters.

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Originally posted by mr.yuck

Thats what im talkin about. The Colts havent won the superbowl since they were the baltimore colts. Its their time.


Looks like somebody forgot to remind the Invicible New England Patriots. I think Manning is a great player, but he seems to have let the success get to his head. Romeo Crennel force fed him his words "if we lose it won't be because i got confused." And I hate to say it, but the Patriots will be strong favorites (knock on wood) against either the eagles or panthers. The Homeland Defense seems impenetrable right now. Whether they win or not is up to the players now, but Bill Bellichick is very clearly the best coach in the NFL right now. Word, I said what the fuck i had to say, y'all can continue on. All my real niggas get money, frontin niggas get the seats. Go Pats.

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Man, my birds are playing like shit today. i mean come the fuck on, we're playing the panthers in philadelphia. i was willing to put money on it that the birds would have beat these fuckers! down 2 scores with 5 minutes to play doesn't look good.


*and now this fucking interception! that's the story of today isn't it. and why is koy playing instead of feely?

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at first at i had to fake it, pull for dem eagles, cause there was more jerseys than i got back. haha, but once we got that lead. it was on, flashin north cack pride like gangbusters. what! what! watch that green face paint run clear with tears. suckers!


cmon and raise up, take your shirt off, twist it round your head like a hellacopter.


*-oh this is WITTY, by the way, on the philly transplant handle tip

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