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Bush justifies war costs

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Bush makes case for spending billions in Iraq

Sunday, September 7, 2003 Posted: 8:56 PM EDT (0056 GMT)


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush told Americans in a televised address Sunday night that he will seek an additional $87 billion to continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


"This will take time and require sacrifice. Yet we will do whatever is necessary -- we will spend whatever is necessary -- to achieve this essential victory in the war on terror, to promote freedom, and to make our own nation more secure," Bush said.


A congressional source said Bush's request is based on assumptions that the cost of military operations in Iraq alone will exceed $4 billion a month for at least the next year.


Billions more will be used for the reconstruction effort, which the White House at one point said would be largely paid for through the sales of Iraqi oil.


The United States will seek additional international support to rebuild Iraq and will restore self-rule there, Bush said in the 8:30 p.m. EDT speech.


Iraq is now occupied by a U.S.-led coalition.


Before the speech, several prominent Democrats expressed skepticism about Bush's Iraq policy.


House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, a candidate for his party's nomination, was among them.


"The problem now is the president did his photo op -- he landed on the aircraft carrier, declared the war was over -- but he's never had a plan, and he's never gotten us the help that we need and our troops deserve from other countries," Gephhardt said.


More U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq since May 1, when Bush declared an end to major combat there, than were killed during the invasion, in part because of an ongoing guerrilla campaign against coalition troops.


A string of car bombings last month killed more than 100 people, including a leading Shiite Muslim cleric and the U.N. special representative for Iraq. (Interactive: Coalition casualties)


The administration has asked the United Nations to help it establish a new Iraqi government and to authorize a U.S.-led multinational force for Iraq in hopes that it will prompt other countries to contribute troops to stabilize the country.


Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said he was not sure the proposed U.N. resolution would address the immediate problems in Iraq.


"It's the United States' war. We're the ones that started it. It's our responsibility to finish it," McCain told CBS. "We need more troops. We need more money. We need it quickly, and time is not on our side."

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I'm not going to type a dossier on all the stategic failures of the war but there are some really glaring faults.

-Destruction of key infrastructure contributing to instability.

-Gradual loss of popular support fueling guerilla warfare.

-Failure to establish a national police force in a better position to root out rebellion.

Basically we are in a dying country performing riot control duties.

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Originally posted by E MARTYR



just A-bomb them fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

Tease you just can't go around A-bombing people these days. Sympathizers would bomb the shit out of us too. That's the very reason why the cold war ended. Due to assurance of "mutual destruction" the cold war degenerated to an arms race and countervieling threats. It eventually drove the Soviet Union to bankruptcy and caused it's collapse because it did not emphasize it's own profit generating businesses. This may actually happen in the U.S. with Bush's ambitious agenda. Unemployment is up and up, mutual funds are falling, mortgage rates are skyrocketing.

Thank god Nixon didn't A-bomb vietnam. That fucking bigot.

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Originally posted by E MARTYR

i dont really give a fuck anymore... fuck them all, i saw we Abomb the whole world mang...


nothing is going to be here in the next 100 years or so anyways, thats what im guessing...


to many ego's and suicide bombers and terrorists fighting without a legititmate cause...


:confused: What the hell are you talking about?

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there was a really great comic in rilling stone about a year ago i think...


its a comic called "get youre war on" and it had people being like


"oh man, this war on terror is going to be awesome. just like the war on drugs in the 80's, remember how well that worked out?"


anyone have this comic?i would love to see it

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