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the city slicker thread


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that rune shit


i admit id rather see the yelp piece there...but it had been dissed, and was runnin dissed and cut up for awhile, i dont think that rune was all that bad, it wasnt amazing, but he is commin up...he just needs to get his shit outta southside a lil more...but i think i'd rather see any kind of half decent piece then one that has been slaughtered with weak ass hands...i was gonna go get a TON of flicks today, but the rain wiped me out, i aint goin out in that shit, later bra

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Guest mikro137

nigga iron fights bitch.


what what best side what nigga.


fuck a bagel.


niggas dont know about nipple branding.

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Originally posted by mikro137

to be honest , regardless of the relevancy to this thread (honestly , does it even matter anymore? and im not saying im hyped to see all that hot shit that yer nigga covet be sprayin but cmon now , its seriously a non issue at this point. people ignored dudes statement at the beginning of the thread , and i think its time to move on.)


anyway. i honestly dont think that is one of my favorite yelp pieces of all time. but it was probally dissed 900000000 times by now , so who cares. im glad to see that young rune is at least getting down on that get down known as pieceing. to me that is way more substatial than some dissed yelp piece from 1999.


kudos to rune , for making an effort to piece , while that isnt the hottest shit ever , its good to see that hes doing it.


and on the subject of those heads , rune is a good kid. hes been through some shit , and he loves graffiti , and i respect him for that. he crushes the streets , and takes care of his biz. fred , hes got some shit on lock down , good big throwups. good spots , and aight hands. i mean seriously i dont think theres a point in ragging on these kids as much as was once done. they are creeping up on all of us who came before them. and fuck it dude , i have to give em their props. they are proving again and again that they will be a force to be reckoned with.



oh yeah , and fuck riot. he gets no love. i dont give a fuck what hes done , hes still a bitch. next time you cross me out , dont play like i wont know.


scape , hes going to be the next big thing. im predicting it now.


oh and anyone wanting to get down on some craps , me mfer , and m80 will take all yall niggas money. beleeeeee dat.

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hahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha...mikro your pieces are so dope dude.......mad props hahahahahaha. My sketchbook would probably look alot better with a mikro piece in it! much love!



props 2






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