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the city slicker thread


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.."buckin' fools, now the circle's gettin' smaller.. and I see

Your homie startin' to look

Broke mothafuckas, they make the best crooks..

So I pick up my money and start walkin

Cause now I'll let the gat start talikin

Now- since yall lost, you wanna go out like a sucka..

Take that mothafuckas... (If you have Ice Cube Amerikka's Most Wanted, this would qualify as witty commentary. I'm sticking to my promise.)

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Guest mikro137

Re: Re: Confucious says:


Originally posted by DeanGulberry

hahaha -- funny, but VERY VERY true, so I'll leave it at this, since this applies to me as well as "jilted" or otherwise "unsatisfied" viewers...

Interbitch Fame: Not really... most flix and commentary are not of the "we runnin shit" variety... more like "it's hot" or "it's not" or there's intra-crew ripping on each other, inside jokes, and the like.

Salty Oldheads: I have no defense. I'm salty.

CSN Promoting Itself: Not really... more like promoting a broad range of talent from multiple cities, with an emphasis on prior acquantances. Big deal.

Regional Styles: Great when it happens, but these days... I don't know. Dope graff is dope graff, as long is originality is kept up. Yes, not enough burners... and too many toys not letting shit run a while.

Young Bucks Burning Oldheads: Good. Excellent, in fact. We had a hand in showing them a few things, and they're sysed on shit, and they're crushing with quality. SOV, AESIA, REKE passed me a while back... cool. I like seeing some VICK, I"ve seen a few nice REALMs lately... cool again. LD has a lot of throwies and tags around. Good. PGH has never been a place to dis out-of-towners, but don't let local fools in your crew that talk shit, dis shit, and get socked in the head at Gooski's... :lol: Hopefullly all that dumb shit is over.. There's space here. There's freights here. Cheap paint. Bars that lock their doors @ 2, and get you SOSSED on the cheap till 5 am. Good bud. -- Just paint good graffiti, or we'll call you on it. And find a new freight spot, too.


--that was biggie-sized gay, so from here on in, nothing but the occasional witty commentary, and hopefully some flicks.



dont even front , youd fuck the dixie chicks , brah.

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Re: Re: mikro pecker <--- holy fuck thats clever.


Originally posted by mikro137

i push whips while you walk all day.



get a clue you fucking homo. oh yeah , i saw you cry (at that party in plum...) , so dont even start talking about how i need tampons , until you change yours. even if you could catch up to me in this game , you will still be behind in the mental game.



why dont you bite aesia some more? oh yeah , dont forget , you have to go over him while you do so.




you fucking tool.



get your clown ass shit off of this thread.





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