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Smoke A Cigar For Me 12oz!

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ORION CHE':king:

Born on August 30th, this past Saturday..

7 weeks early! I had an Emergency C-Section cause i got sick!

He's doing great, 3lbs 10 oz, 17 in. long. (really long for a preemie!)

I'll be taking him home in a couple of weeks.. he's still in the hospital till

he puts on some weight!


Im barely getting home myself.. feeling great. Being a mom feels good<3









On thursday i went to a regular appt. of mines, and was showing the syptoms of this:





What is preeclampsia?


Preeclampsia (say "pre-ee-clamp-see-ah"), which is also called toxemia, is a problem that occurs in some women during pregnancy. It can happen during the second half of pregnancy. Your doctor will look for the following signs of preeclampsia: high blood pressure, swelling that doesn't go away and large amounts of protein in your urine.


Who is at risk for preeclampsia?


Preeclampsia is more common in a woman's first pregnancy and in women whose mothers or sisters had preeclampsia. The risk of preeclampsia is higher in women carrying multiple babies, in teenage mothers and in women older than age 40. Other women at risk include those who had high blood pressure or kidney disease before they became pregnant. The cause of preeclampsia isn't known.


Does high blood pressure mean I have preeclampsia?


Not necessarily. If your doctor sees that your blood pressure is high, he or she will watch you closely for changes that could mean you have preeclampsia. In addition to high blood pressure, women_who have_preeclampsia also have excessive swelling. They may also have protein in their urine._Many women with high blood pressure during pregnancy don't have protein in their urine or extreme swelling, and don't get preeclampsia.


Does swelling mean I have preeclampsia?


Swelling alone doesn't necessarily mean you have preeclampsia. Some swelling is normal during pregnancy. For example, your rings or shoes might become too tight. Swelling is more serious if it doesn't go away after resting, if it's very obvious in your face and hands, or if it's a rapid weight gain of more than 5 pounds in a week.


What tests can show if I have preeclampsia?


No one test diagnoses preeclampsia. Your blood pressure will be checked during each doctor's visit. A big rise in your blood pressure can be an early sign that you might have preeclampsia. A urine test can tell if there is protein in your urine. Your doctor may order certain blood tests, which may show if you have preeclampsia. If you have signs of preeclampsia, your doctor may want to see you at least once a week and possibly every day.


What are the risks of preeclampsia to the baby and me?


Preeclampsia can prevent the placenta (which gives air and food to your baby) from getting enough blood. If the placenta doesn't get enough blood, your baby gets less air and food. This can cause low birth weight and other problems for the baby.


Most women with preeclampsia still deliver healthy babies. A few develop a condition called eclampsia (seizures caused by toxemia), which is very serious for the mother and baby, or other serious problems. Fortunately, preeclampsia is usually detected early in women who get regular prenatal care, and most problems can be prevented.


What is the treatment for preeclampsia?


If you have preeclampsia, delivery of the baby is the best way to protect both you and your baby. This isn't always possible, because it may be too early for the baby to live outside of the womb.


If delivery isn't possible because it's too early in your pregnancy, steps can be taken to manage the preeclampsia until the baby can be delivered. These steps include making your blood pressure drop, with bed-rest or medicines, and keeping a close eye on you and your baby. In some cases, hospitalization may be necessary.


One way to control high blood pressure when you're not pregnant is to cut the amount of salt you eat. This isn't a good idea if you have high blood pressure during pregnancy. Your body needs salt to keep up the flow of fluid in your body, so you need a normal intake of salt. Your doctor will tell you how much salt to eat each day and how much water you should drink each day.


Your doctor might tell you to take aspirin or extra calcium to prevent preeclampsia. Your doctor might also tell you to lie on your left side while you are resting. This will increase the flow of urine and take weight off your large blood vessels. Many doctors give magnesium sulfate to their patients during labor and for a few days afterward to help prevent eclampsia. Talk to your doctor about these things.


If my doctor decides to deliver the baby early, will I have to have a cesarean section?


This is up to your doctor and you. A cesarean section (an operation to deliver the baby) is more likely if your health or your baby's health is in danger. If things aren't this serious, your doctor may use medicine (such as oxytocin) to start your labor, and you can deliver your baby normally through a vaginal delivery.

Symptoms of Preeclampsia


If you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor right away:

* Severe headaches

* Vomiting blood

* Excessive swelling of the feet and hands

* Smaller amounts of urine or no urine

* Blood in your urine

* Rapid heartbeat

* Dizziness

* Excessive nausea

* Ringing or buzzing sound in ears

* Excessive vomiting

* Drowsiness

* Fever

* Double vision

* Blurred vision

* Sudden blindness

* Pain in the abdomen (tummy)


...then i was rushed to the hospital for monitoring. With in the next 2 days I was getting a severe case of this and on Saturday 8/30 I had an emergency C-section! Thats when my son was born at a whopping 3 lbs 10oz and but long 17 inches! He's still in the hospital till he puts on some weight but he's doing great, and even started breathing regular room air at a day old. he's real long for a preemie and he's mad adorable and i've been told he's been a lil flirt with the nurses. He looks like his daddy with the exception of my nose, lots of thick black wavy hair, and big brown eyes with this weird tint of like green! he's real dope, he doesn't cry at all.. he's a real happy baby and im hoping it stays like that! as for me, i feel much better, lots of more energy even though i just got out of surgery. my cut doesnt even look that bad, and im beginning to feel more like myself! it feels good being a mom. its made me a better more responsible person.. its like motherhood makes you straight edge or something. how gay i know.:D so 12oz smoke a cigar for me!!!

(p.s. just for the record i am not claiming straight edge in any way OK.)

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Guest im not witty

fuck yes. thats awesome. seems early no? i wanna see pictures of this handsome devil

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I'm assuming it's only 3 pounds because it's premature.....


But congratulations. Awesome stuff. I wish nothing but the best for the baby and it's mum and dad :cool:

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haha, no i did not do crack, silly.


Yeah he was 7 weeks early.. the last two months is when the lbs. are supposed to really come on, but since i had him so early.... he didnt get to put on those extra pounds! he's so long though... he would of been huge by the time my 9th month was up.

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DEE38 THE 12oz MOM


good luck home girl... ill smoke a cigar for you in a few, just its gonna be gutted out and filled with reefer :yum:

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Convenient, I have a cigar right here!


Congrats Dee!!!

May your little rascal bring you many years of fun and joy! Let us know when he has a name.

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Guest WebsterUno



Congrats! thats dope!

Ill be sure to roll my blezzy

extra thick tonight!


3lbs is small! But 17" is tall...wow!

Im going to shoot you an email.

Orion is a good name! Che too,

I have a good buddy named Che.

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Sweet, you're going to be up all night for the next two years- good thing you have years of training courtesy of graffiti. All the best for you and your child.

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I thought you were going to name him Pete. ;)


oh well congrats! hope everyone the best of health.

good luck!

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Originally posted by -FuckShitUp-

DEE38 THE 12oz MOM


good luck home girl... ill smoke a cigar for you in a few, just its gonna be gutted out and filled with reefer :yum:


Straight up. A blunt of chron and a bottle of some sort of really good white Bulgarian wine are being consumed in honour of your little bundle of joy. I hope you didn’t eat too many Ramen noodles during the pregnancy. Good luck and congratulations!

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First off, it's good to see someone happy about having children..GOOD JOB! CONGRATULATION! and GOOD LUCK!


Your gonna need it...Have fun and enjoy the lovely task of parenting...As a beginner myself I must say, it's tough, and all I keep telling myself of how much money I'm gonna get back for taxes..HAHAHA, totally kidding, but their love for you grows into something I'm unable to put onto this page...


Once again,


Good Luck.......


Nevermind, I don't have kids....:confused:

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"someone asked me what my favorite kind of cigar was, i sad "Its-A-Boy's"


lol, i forgot who said that but it was some comic, anyways congradulations. :D

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