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put yo hood up

Oprah Oner

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Re: Re: Re: xPlOsIvE pOsTz


Originally posted by Oprah Oner

yO mAn gEt dA fUk uP oUt mA gRiLl pIeCe. yOo KnO dAm wElL u AiNt pOsTiN sHiEt cUz yO sHiT iZ WACKZ. mUtHaFuCkA iMa StRaIt uP tHuG iF u WaNnA tAkE iT 2 dA sTrEeTz lEt mE kNo oR wE cAn OnLiNe sKeTcH bOmBz bAtTl3. hOoLa


tHuG mAnZiOn

LeT'$ SketCh B0Mb BatTl3

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is this supposed to be funny? i mean if your aiming to be like the infamous and my hero




ps. im sorry that your mom didnt have enuff money to get you some english lessons, but she could have atleast bought you a book on ebonics, cus that shit u saying?? i got brothers that wouldnt even know what you were trying to pull off..

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