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¤¤ Dreams you can remember - post 'em ¤¤

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Post dreams that you can remember.


Last night:

I gutted a girl in a dream last night. Disemboweled her.


While driving my car with my girlfriend along an elevated freeway, I was scanning adjacent rooftops for graffiti (no lie). Not looking at the road, I end up plowing through the guardrail when the freeway took a 90° turn. My car lands on a rooftop, and two cars quickly go through the same hole I created and land on the roof next to me. Everyone's safe.


We all (the other cars' passengers included) start walking up this stairway that leads to another rooftop. One of the other drivers is extremely pissed off at me, blaming me for causing her to drive off the road, too. I see she has a small knife in a sheath attached to her belt. It's like a steak knife with a serrated blade not much longer than 4".


She gets so mad that shes starts hitting me with the sharp edge .. not a stabbing motion - more like chopping carrots in the air. After hitting me in the arms and head a few times, she took to my girlfriend. I grabbed the knife from her hands, knocked her down, and cut a huge upside down T in her stomach. I walked away and told her to get up. When she did, her insides poured out between her outstretched hands.







[Note: forgive me if a similar thread has been posted before. Searching Ch0 alone for "dream" results in an extremely large number (947) of threads to tread through.]


Music while posting: The Doves - Break Me Gently

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one dream i remeber i had when i was like in 1st grade...


i was waiting outisde my house for the bus, and when i got on it, the bus driver was yelling at me, and i looked at the people who were in the seats and it was superman, fredy krueger and a bunch of weird ass looken people.



one i used to have ALOT,


i would be at the top of the stair case at my aunts house and i would jump off and fly around the room peterpan style and go down in circles until i would fall into this glass table and then i would wake up.. or i would dream of waken up, i dont remeber

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Ok...all I can remember is this......(wavy dream music)


I was riding along in my friends car while he drove. When all of a sudden SWAT cars and vans come flying out of the corners of streets. Soo what we did was start driving backwards at top speed. He turns onto a residential neighboorhood street and speeds into someones driveway. We jumped out of the car and started to run. And all of a sudden Osama bin Laden jumps out of the back of a white van with huge machine guns. He starts fighting off the cops while we ran onto my old elementry schools rescess field. All of a sudden a bunch of black robe wearing arabians come running at me with swords. Bin Laden finishes off the cops and comes to rescue us from the black robed arabians. One gets by and chases me and starts to cop up my arms with scissor swords (don't exist i hope) and hes ripping my arms to pieces when I suddenly wake up..........


Osama saved me most of the way I guess......cool huh?

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I had a dream a few weeks ago about killing some girl at subway (for no great reason, I was robbing the place in my dream, and just stabbed her as I was leaving). The rest of the dream was me feeling like I was going to be locked up for the rest of my life. It seemed like four or five hours, by my personal time scale, of being remorseful and sketched out like a crack head waiting to get caught up. It was so real, and involved that when I woke up and realized it was a dream, I ended up having a pretty good day just because of the initial relief. Still, I could do without a repeat on that one.


My personal favorites are when I can fly around. I move through the air like you move through water, pushing off of things I come across or "swimming" around. I can get going pretty quick flying low to the ground and pulling myself forward with my hands. I can breathe underwater, too. It's just a matter of taking shallow breaths so I don't inhale water.

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i remember being on a train. with like three kids, cuple of old dudes. and a gient hawk that could talk...i kept to myself for some long amount of time till i started getting antsy, so i asked one of the kids when the ride endid....the hawk burst out laughing saying "this train never stops!" so i didnt like that....one bit. so i say, im getting of this train any way i can and the hawk trips shit and starts attaking me for saying sutch slanderouse things. i pull a butter knife from the food tray and in a weak motion stab him while he bites me with his beak. i cut his throte(sp?) and he starts to bleed like a river bursting through a dam.


well his blood fills the train untill we are compleatly filled, everyone starts to drown (exept me, i cant drown in my dream) and as i watch all these people drown in blood i start to panic for frear of my drowning. the butter knife still in hand i stab at the window to break it open, but to no avail.....so i wate...and wate...remind you im submerged in hawk blood...so im freaking out....then the fraze "each man kills the thing he loves" starts cycleing through my head and the train crashes and im thrown out the car on to the grass.....


i look up and all i see is a black sky, desert, burning buildings and mushroom clouds from nucular bombs going off, and razor wire fences with torn screaming children stuck inside them........it was the apocolips...and all i could hear was screaming and bombs.



then i woke up.:lol:

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I went to bed rather wasted on Saturday, and I got pretty damn thirsty as the night went on. All I could dream of was trying to find water like a maniac, but even when I did find a few drops, it didn't quench the thirst at all. Eventually it came to a point where I was, get this, TRYING TO DOWNLOAD WATER OFF THE INTERNET. When I finished downloading it, I played water on my mp3 player and I set it on loop so I could have lots of it.


Then I woke up, became aware that I was being a complete fucking lunatic, and got some water off the faucet.

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Originally posted by ARCEL

that's odd, i already posted in this thread


when i go to sleep drunk, i wake up in the exact position i fell asleep in. and i don't dream.


If you didn't move in your sleep you wouldn't wake up because one lung andor kidney (insert any vital organ) would have collapsed.

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i guess its good to see that other people aren't as fucked up as me, the other night i had a dream about plotting to kill someone and carry out. Me and homeboy whom i won't mention were gonna get the kid so drunk, we were gonna alcohol poison him and kill him, we plotted it out and everything in my dream, god damn i am a fucked up individual

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all i remember from a dream a few nights ago...


i got my girl pregnant and for some reason we decided to keep the kid

well anyway it was my day to watch the baby

and in my dream world, it was perfectly okay to eat parts of your kid,

because they would grow back in a few minutes

so i invited a few friends over and we were frying up baby pieces

we got a bit overzealous and ended up eating too much too quickly

and there was no baby left

then all my friends gave me the 'you fucked up now' look and left

and i had to sit there until my girl got home to explain to her what happened

she got extremely pissed off


...thats all i remember

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Guest willy.wonka

i was in love with this girl


i had this dream that there was a party adn i saw this girl, whom i was really falling in love with.and she gave me this little snookie-face and i gave it back.well, i walked around and when i came back, she was walking out the front door.in the back yard there was this 2 storie drop and i ninga'ed that shit.(freddy -vs- jason/when freddy jumps outa the water)landed it perfectly. i ran out to the front and she wasnt there.when i went back into the house, the house was empty.......thats when i knew it was time to wake up.

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Last night:

My girlfriend had gotten a tattoo during another point in the dream which I don't remember. I do remember, however, that the tattoo artist had signed the date of the tattoo in very large script (x/xx/xx). Not sure what the tattoo was.


We went into a tattoo/bike shop to look around, but I quickly remembered that a friend of mine had told me that this part of town was infested witih AIDS. I wanted to leave the tattoo/bike shop, but we stayed around for a bit. The store was connected through an open doorway to a pet store. Inside the pet store was a large dirt-filled tank with an open top. There were tons of frogs inside it, plus one enormous (2-ft. long) horned toad. Someone was prodding it with a stick.

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Poop Man's live dream journal.


I can never remember any of my dreams. They're mainly like oh I'm in an elevator, oh shit the cable snapped I'm dead. Or like I'm with a girl that I've been with before and then the rest is just mush.


Posted While Listening to: God Forbid - Broken Promise

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I hate dreaming. I dream every night. Every few weeks ill have about four in one night (last night). Im a violent dreamer, i woke up with a fucking limp this morning. my leg muscles are still fucking killing me...too many different types of cold medicine & pain killers=violent painful dreams. Anyway last night I was being chased by something, my gun kept turning into goo, i almost shot myself in the foot. Woke up, fell asleep again and ran over someone in a car. The next one i was lost in an airport, the last one had something to do with plants.....arrghhh

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