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Killer Kicks

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Guest imported_Tesseract
if you can't use 'em for wearing they'd

be good as an ashtray.


They'be great holding a lousy fake cuban cigar....


Mamski, i almost forgot you dance...i stand corrected, i got no worries for laces because i'm a lazy bastard, by saying that i remembered that the last time i tightened my laces was when i was painting trains...one of the best tips when painting trains^


I liked and still do lots of nike's shoes. mostly running shoes, great color combos, dope function and their logo at the most discreet(sp) form....i love both pairs i posted. Another thing with nike is that they fit so good that even when you have your arguments when you see'em they look so much better on your feet. I agree that puma has the best big ass logo ever...and after that goes reebok and yoink is right..reebok ballistics are the only retro's worth getting and they come so cheap for beating the fuck out of everyother retro shoe. I have 5 pairs;)



Another thing with shoes is that the whole thing depends on what else you wear...those dadas...extra buggy pants...oversized football jersey....shhh, get a life.

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Originally posted by Tesseract

...those dadas...extra buggy pants...oversized football jersey....shhh, get a life.



I may not wear dada shoes or football jerseys... but my pants are always buggy!


and maybe it's just me but I cant even think of those sneakers without this poping in my head...




Putting wood on the sides of your shoes IS the return of Dada.

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dude these shoes are gay.......sept the skate digs...but damn!






there just shoes....you walk on them.....they go on the feet....so they smell bad







now you kids be colecting them??!?!?!!?





i get one pair every 6 months........or untill the shoe dies......me poor.but realistic:king:

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