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TDD blowin up spotz, son!

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TTD blowin up spotz, son!!!


yo,,, whats up to all my mad graffaz out there....... i been out the game for a minute, but i been gettin buzy lately. My crew blew up like 10 fr8 trainz the other night......When I went back the next day only this one was there. If anyone knows how you can find out where your trainz go hit me up, cuz i gotta get flicks of all the other shit my crew did that night. peace.......






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i cant even be sarcastic about this post... man your crew rfucking sucks so much ass... what the FUCK are you guys thinking.. stop painting now, youll just ruin it for everyone who can do decent jobs.. FUCK youre soooo fucking STUPID.. this is like that greensleeves guy in the paper chase.. except i think everyone knows that guy is goofin around.. but this guy man what the FUCK are you thininking?!@

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I honestly don't think this is a joke. They went over the numbers, as DankLordz said.

If they hit one yard for 10 panels and painted out all the numbers, you can be pretty sure that spot is gonna be too hot for a long while.

It's fuckups like this that mess things up for everyone.

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Originally posted by $$$$$$$$$$$$

anyone who thinks this is real is an idiot, the person doing this is a pure fucking genius, who gives shots to taki183 and eruptoe at teh same time!

Pure fucking genius?


Painting over numbers = heat.

Heat = stupidity.

Don't you agree?

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