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The Bristol UK Thread

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Bristol CCTV map   Bigger image   HERE - to zoom, explore, etc.     I know no one really uses this thread anymore, me included, but as this post is intended as a 'public service' (ha)

What about these days?

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haha that build is heavy... There was an article about it on the front page of the e.post a while ago, going on chaf about it:



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11:00 - 23 March 2006


Residents and businesses near a graffiti-ridden eyesore on a high-profile street have urged developers to get on with redeveloping the property.


The building, at the junction of Jacob's Wells Road and Clifton Triangle, used to be the Steiner Waldorf School but has been out of use since the school moved to Cotham in 1999. Now vandals have covered it in graffiti and people who live and work in the area are frustrated that, in the two years since a planning application was submitted to the city council, no work has been done on the site.


But Berkeley Square-based developers Ashfield Land, who are in charge of the site, say their plans to put up 32,000 sq ft of offices have run into unforeseen complications.


The application is still waiting to go to the city council's planning committee but the company's managing director hopes work will be able to begin by mid-summer.


The work is part of a complete overhaul of the area, which includes the redevelopment into flats of the old Grade I listed Pro-Cathedral at the back of the site.


Martin Palmer, who manages Spanish restaurant La Tasca at the top of Clifton Triangle, said he was keen for work to begin. He said: "It's pretty ugly at the moment - a real eyesore - and it's hardly giving a great ambience to the area, the restaurant or the offices upstairs.


"It's the first thing that people see when they drive around the corner on what is the main route from the city centre into Clifton.


"I doubt it's actually affecting our sales very much but it's not the greatest thing to have sitting next to your restaurant.


"Obviously it used to be quite a pretty building but now it just looks like it's full of rubbish.


"It's the only building in the whole of the vicinity which isn't being used for something beneficial to the area and I'd like to see it revamped and tidied up as soon as possible."


Eventually, the site will be known as St Catherine's Court and will contain a mixture of office space, available to a single occupier or for floor-by-floor lets, and car parking space.


Andrew Fisher, managing director for Ashfield Land, said: "Of course we are concerned about the state of the building but these things take a while to get sorted out and there have been a lot of complications.


"We have had some awful problems with security but it's very hard to stop people doing these kinds of things.


"We very much hope that we are now pushing towards a start on the site as early as we possibly can for an exciting new development in Clifton."





Its also a great place to stove chairs through windows! :D

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:haha: he seem's pretty chuffed with himself too :china:


well i know alot of people on here will think its hot & think im a piggie but the thought came to mind of making a bristol scene short/graff video,


any ideas of a name or if you have any footage or flicks that you wanna contribute mail me: crazy_muncan@hotmail.co.uk


yeah yeah im down 4 making a vid dat would be sick

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Some yank skater boy doing some "totally rad" moves and that (haha I sound like me old man) in Bemmy in 2004:


Plenty of graf in it but Shimz, Sickboy and Sums are the only ones who really come off.

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Live-o. Roger moore goin on sick with the fliks. unfasten that cummerbund onetime yaheard. Back with a new log-in and whatnot. not too cock a hoop about this new design but whatyagonna do


I remember that day that american fella was skating bedmo, wasnt it when a certain scouser was painting? And they were chucking rocks about tryin to be hard/funny haha.. youre in bedminster mate not fuckin twatsville USA.


first name 'mr' middle name 'period' last name 'T':D

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