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The Bristol UK Thread

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10:40 - 05 March 2007

It was very pleasing to read of the new joint venture by Bristol City Council and the Post inviting members of the public to send in ideas or a design of what should be painted on walls - decorative murals depicting a Bristol theme, giving young people a chance to show their skills of art in this work ("Search is on for artistic ideas to revamp car park", Post, February 24).This would be more pleasant to enjoy than the ugly graffiti seen everywhere in our city - on walls, doors and bus shelters, put mostly overnight by people taking a great liberty.


Those same people would resent very much if graffiti appeared on their property.


When in Vancouver on holiday, it was nice to see colourful murals on the walls instead of the scribbled type of graffiti we have in our country making such an unsightly appear- ance everywhere.


Olive Cooke (Mrs) Bristol.


l Send your designs on A3 or A4 paper to: Paint A Wall, Paul McLennan, Evening Post, Temple Way, Bristol, BS99 7HD, or email p.mclennan@bepp.co.uk



olive cooke must be the TCF tea lady

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"Is this the oldest piece of graffiti in Bristol? Somewhere between 1972 and 1975, a glam rock fan painted 'Gary Glitter' on this disused railway vicaduct in Eastville and it is still there over 30 years later. I'm in my 30's and the graffiti has been there for as long as I can remember from when I used to play down there in the early 1980's.


For all you railway fans, this bridge is just along from the existing viaduct over Royate Hill. This was a branch off the Midland line through east Bristol, leading to the famous 13 arches and was closed on June 14th 1965 during the Beeching era."


i dare someone to go and write NONCE over it

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10:40 - 13 March 2007

A mural in Bristol painted by guerrilla graffiti artist Bansky - thought to be worth more than £100,000 - has been painted over by bungling council workers.


Workmen used thick black paint on rollers to paint over the 25ft x 4ft design in Easton.


Locals are furious that the blue-coloured graffiti - one of the artist's very first murals and complete with his trademark - has been lost forever.


And with the escalating prices of Banksy's works, the owner of the garage that the work was painted on the side of has been left to contemplate how much money he may have had wiped out.


The work was painted over by an anti-graffiti team acting for Bristol City Council.


The council said it had specified that all Banksy works were to be protected and yesterday it announced an investigation into why the order was ignored.


The artwork was sprayed onto the side of garages in Albion Road, Easton, about 10 years ago.


The owner of the garage, Iqbal Mohood, 73, who rents it to a hand-car-wash team, said he was not consulted by the council about it being repainted.


He said: "I never minded it and now I've been told how much it's worth I want some answers. It wasn't exactly what I would call art, but it obviously meant something to a lot of people."


Graffiti removal teams have been working across Bristol as part of Government-funded neighbourhood renewal schemes.


The city council said contractors Nordic, acting for the council's Neighbourhood Renewal Office, were responsible for the paint-over job, which happened last Tuesday at around 11am.


Asghar Mahood, 48, lives yards from the mural in Albion Road and confronted the contractors while they removed it.


He said: "They pulled up in their van, got their rollers out and started slapping black paint over it.


"I asked what they were doing and they just said they had been told to cover it up. The stupid thing is they've gone and covered this up but left all the tags on the railway bridge 50 yards away.


"If they want to remove graffiti, they should do the job properly."


Louise Hudson, spokeswoman for Bristol City Council, said: "They were instructed not to remove the Banksy mural. The city council is taking this issue very seriously and is calling for a full investigation into this matter."


The mural in Albion Road was one of Banksy's first free-painted works - he normally uses stencils as it is quicker and reduces the risk of getting caught.


Someone has since sprayed the words "Wot no Banksy?" on the new black rectangle.


The cover-up job happened on the same day as a group of residents turned out in force to protect another Banksy work, on the side of a house on the corner of Cato Road and Mivart Street, Easton.


Workmen had replaced the sign for Cato Road and seemed to be preparing to paint over the mural, valued at £200,000, when residents stepped in. The contractors later said they had never intended to paint over the mural but one workman also said he was acting to remove graffiti "at his discretion" and was unaware the mural was by Banksy. The house, along with the mural, is being sold at a sealed auction next month and is expected to reach far more than the average Mivart Street house, which typically sell for between £160,000 and £200,000.


A Banksy artwork depicting pensioners bowling with bombs sold for £102,000 at auction house Sotheby's in February.


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u lot dumb?u go on like u can cht down to banksy. he wos more of a graffer thn most of you dun get it twisted. get out my town toys. u wastin ur time. dun cht the talk iff u aint walked the walk. commiserations to Iqbal Mohood, p.dot lost out on pureee doe.

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same old manz chatting ish, no pics now its all gay youtube vids at least post some graff you wasters

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