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Originally posted by SCENIC ROUTE

thanks ClueTwo,add more when you can ..Did i meet you in phx.?

oh i found out how to add bigger pics! word up!!!!!!!!!! so im a change

little pics to big pics......


Yeah we met over at Bsyk's place. That shit is off the hook man. I will add more when I feel like taking the time to scan 'em in..See you around man.


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Originally posted by erie1cmw

we had a kick ass time out there in phoenix at the styles crew anniversery.......erie skol revise and mugs came down from the chi to chill with house and the furious styles posse it was dope....word up peas out az homies....

yeah i met revise,etc. there. we where selling shrits ,hats,gstrings for the b girls at the last booth......

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