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Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker resigns

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Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker resigns

August 29, 2003



Police Chief Mark Kroeker resignation this afternoon ended a troubled week for the Portland Police Bureau. Kroeker told a hastily arranged press conference he was asked for his resignation by intermediaries from Mayor Vera Katz.


Kroeker indicated he resigned under protest, saying "I do not feel walking away from the current leadership challenges is best for the city or the bureau." Kroeker officially leaves his job October 17th, after a three and a half year tenure marked by controversy.


During his time here he has been accused of making anti-gay remarks, and his leadership was questioned after the police handling of the 2000 May Day Riots. Kroeker was also criticised after publicly seeking the Los Angles police chief's job. However it was probably the events of the past week which led to today's forced resignation.


On Tuesday an outside group of experts released a detailed report slamming the Portland Police Bureau's handling of 32 shooting incidents over a three year period. The experts listed 89 ways in which the department could improve.


Then yesterday Kroeker handed out a five and a half month suspension without pay to Scott McCollister, the officer who shot and killed Kendra James earlier this year. The James shooting and the Police Bureau's investigation into it has alienated the community in North East Portland.


Today's Portland Tribune reports that some officers had condidered taking a no-confidence vote in Kroeker. The police union leader described the suspension of McCollister as "harsh, cruel and severe."


The mayor has announced assistant chief of police Derrick Foxworth will step into the role of police chief until further notice.



all i can say is, its about god damn time....


fuck the :five-o:

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
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Originally posted by onesecondple

i still dont get what he did, cuz i keep slippin in and out cuz im tired, somone be my mom and summarize


Kroeker is corrupt and he got called on it. The mayor asked him to resign and he's doing so. Since he's been Police Chief there's been troubles, more so than normal. The guy is running a shitty diaper...

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