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beef is beef....

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mad disrespect !!! yo !


damn son,,, that shit is mad fucked up yo.......Ima burn straight over any of your bombs till da day I die,,, and thats no lie,,,,, werd up ! And by the way Your P gets a C grade and your A, S, and E all fail...... that shit is booooty !

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well, to me, if you do graffiti... you are part of a family. There are all types of brothers and sisters that have different attitudes and whatnot. It's like your watching t.v or something and you just want quiet... but there is the little brother, like pase, who comes and starts talking and crying and shit. You get pissed off. I've never met either of these guys. But I take AWE's side because I am extremely level headed and I know that what pase did was wrong. To me... he is just creating beef within the family and it pisses me off. So, it does involve me, and each and every one of you weather you like it or not. You can choose to ignore it and that's cool. But how will pase and the others ever learn if we don't speak up? And this goes for everyone who disses other writers work.

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Awe2 got many freights rolling round. who the fuck is Paseoner? you come on here trying to get some cheap ass fame by going over someone thats put in way more work than you will ever dream of then posting it on 12oz. well i hope the shit comes back to you.



Of course i cant say that i've never heard of a writer that goes by pase, i mean there is PASE UW in NYC.


anyways, i hope he doesnt break too many of your teeth, everyone deserves a second chance.

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