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fuck, fuck, fuck

Guest gg allin

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Like someone else already said, I like everything 'cept for the whole tube-in-penis pic. I mean seriously, things are supposed to come (no pun intended http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//tongue.gif'>) OUT your penis. I love the Cohe and Fosset's the most though. I only seen one flick of Cohe's work in a magazine, but I already love that shit!!!



Expand and Evolve


Expand your horizons, and evolve your style.

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those biters are getting me modivated. sort of remind me of totem2 meets bates. damn they are fresh.






[This message has been edited by urine (edited 06-15-2001).]

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Originally posted by badassmotherfucker:

fuck grose kills it..

arys banging ........

foset oh la la

biter is so cool...........

tbkills this shit damn............


tbkillas and angry individuals

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Originally posted by modern ep ta:

that doesn't answer my questions, man or not it looks very posey(okaeish) wanna know if thats the idea of the name to purposely bite others shit to make it your own, kinda funny is all!


modern: check your mail...


partially...the idea is that everyone is biting something...or that kids should bite my shit. etc etc...play with it, i'm sure you can come up with something clever.


as for me biting POSE or TOTEM...sorry but no. i've been around for a longer than they've been up in your picture-books. if anything i'd say we were inspired from the same place, or they even got some style from me or my crew.............


if you ask pose, i doubt he'd say i got style offa him. i met him and chachi last year and it was more like we were vibing off the same type of style than anything else.


as for the T issue....i get all my inspiration for my T's from the KING of the letter.


rip thief1.

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Originally posted by IHATEU:

i dont like your shit but dont explaine yourself to the kid who STRAIGHT jacks fokis...i cant fucking belive said person has the balls to call you out...


more like i felt like explaing before it gets out of hand and i have to end up battling someone cause a nerd from the board started a rumor i bit soandso...


but whatever. you get the idea.


it's funny how my name evokes different emotions from other writers. some people totally understand and dig it, some people get all offended or don't know what to make of it.


hahah. fuck it.


also, shouldn't you say modern bites revok? i mean that is where fokis is getting his style nowadays isn't it...? isn't this fun!


[This message has been edited by biter (edited 06-15-2001).]

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