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Poop Man Bob

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Note: the word "celebrity" is used in its loosest sense. I suppose I should have used "they are known for something," although that would have taken too much space.


I'll add more later.




Wu-Tang Clan member Russell Jones, also known as Ol' Dirty Bastard, Big Baby Jesus, and presently Dirt McGirt, was paroled from the Clinton Correctional Facility in February 2003. The rapper was photographed by the New York State Department of Correctional Services in December 2001 while serving 2 to 4 years on a drug charge. He previously posed in California after his arrest for making terrorist threats to customers at a West Hollywood nightclub.




Singer Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly) was arrested in June 2002 following his indictment in Chicago on 21 counts of child pornography.




NBA superstar Allen Iverson surrendered to Philadelphia police in July 2002 to face gun and assault raps, charges that were all subsequently dismissed by a Municipal Court judge.




Tommy Lee was arrested by North Carolina cops in October 1999 and charged with assault and inciting a riot with ethnic animosity (the alleged crimes occurred during a concert). In March 2000, Pam's ex pleaded no contest to simple assault and was sentenced to 18 months probation.




Matthew McConaughey was arrested by Austin, Texas police in October 1999 and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a neighbor called to complain about music blaring from the actor's crib. When cops arrived, they found McConaughey dancing around in the buff and playing bongo drums. The drug charges against McConaughey were eventually dropped, though the star did plead guilty to violating Austin's noise ordinance, for which he paid a $50 fine.

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.


Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman) turned himself in to Los Angeles police in November 2002 after being charged with misdemeanor possession of kiddie porn. It was not the first run-in with the law for the 50-year-old actor, who was arrested by Florida cops in July 1991 and charged with indecent exposure. Pee-wee, who was nabbed at an adult movie house, later pleaded no contest to the charge. He was fined, had to pay court costs, and ordered to produce an anti-drug public service announcement.




"Jackass" star Steve-O (aka Stephen Glover) was arrested in August 2002 for exposing himself during a nightclub performance in Louisiana. Glover allegedly stapled his scrotum to his thigh and also participated in another stunt during which a bouncer slammed a patron's head on the ground. The 28-year-old Johnny Knoxville sidekick, who was charged with obscenity and being an accessory to second-degree battery, is scheduled to be arraigned December 16.




Former "Baywatch" star Yasmine Bleeth was arrested in September 2001 by Michigan police and charged with cocaine possession. The actress pleaded guilty to one criminal count and was sentenced in January 2002 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.




R&B singer Michael Archer (aka D'Angelo) was arrested in November 2002 by Virginia cops and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and other misdemeanors. The charges stemmed from an incident which began when the Grammy winner allegedly cut off a female motorist. According to cops, D'Angelo cursed out and spit on the woman. When police arrived at the 28-year-old crooner's suburban Richmond to serve an arrest warrant, they had to subdue the agitated performer with a blast of pepper spray.




Rapper Nathaniel Hale (aka Nate Dogg) was arrested by Arizona police in April 2002 and hit with gun possession and marijuana charges. He pleaded guilty in May 2002 and was sentenced to probation, community service, and ordered to attend drug counseling sessions.

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Jennifer Capriati was arrested by Coral Gables, Florida police in May 1994 and charged with possession of marijuana after cops went to her hotel room in search of a runaway girl. The tennis star settled the misdemeanor charge by agreeing to attend drug counseling.




Robert James Ritchie (aka Kid Rock) was arrested by Michigan cops in March 1991 and September 1997. Both arrests were alcohol related, though dispositions are unclear.




Actor Nick Nolte was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on September 11, 2002 and charged with driving under the influence.




John Osbourne (aka Ozzy Osbourne) was arrested by Memphis cops in May 1984 and charged with public intoxication. According to the police report, Ozzy was "staggering drunk" when nabbed on raucous Beale Street.








In 1972, actor Steve McQueen was busted in Anchorage, Alaska for drunk driving. The star of films such as "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Great Escape" posted bail and left town. He was later convicted in absentia for reckless driving. Thanks to Chris Lambos, who runs a McQueen site, for providing us with this photo.

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On the subject of manslaughtering Don King, only in America can a violent convicted felon make a smooth career transition into the boxing industry. These are a couple of Cleveland Police Department mug shots from DK's previous career as a street thug.




Frank Sinatra was arrested by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff in 1938 and charged with carrying on with a married woman (yes, you could get popped for that back then). The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed.




Now that John Gotti's pushing up daisies at St. John's Cemetery, all we have to remind us of the Dapper Don are these mug shots--pictures, shattered pictures of the smiles we left behind.




Microsoft boss Bill Gates was photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico police in 1977 after a traffic violation (details of which have been lost over time).




Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, was arrested by Tallahassee police in January 2002 and charged with trying to fill a fake prescription for Xanax. After entering a court-ordered drug treatment program, Bush was rearrested in July 2002 when a counselor found her in possession of unauthorized pills. In October 2002, an Orlando judge ordered her back to jail for another violation of her treatment program.




Amy Fisher posed for this New York State Department of Correctional Services mug shot in September 1997, five years after pleading guilty to shooting her lover Joey Buttafuoco's wife. The so-called Long Island Lolita was paroled from the Albion Correctional Facility in 1999.




NBA star Jason Kidd was arrested by Paradise Valley, Arizona police in January 2001 and charged with domestic abuse. Kidd pleaded guilty and was ordered to attend anger management classes.

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Guest T E A S E R



didnt know about half of those... man that baywatch slut is tore up!



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re: Bill Gates


Microsoft boss Bill Gates was photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico police in 1977 after a traffic violation (details of which have been lost over time).


oh right. lost over time? gimmie a break.

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yasmine bleeth looks meeessed up... coked up out of her head.


and nate dogg... is.. still high.

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Guest willy.wonka



i think i would bone amy fisher....

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Celebrity? No, but ... 81?!


Grady Pope, 81, Georgia rapist.




Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) was arrested by Davie, Florida police in January 2001 after allegedly pulling hair out of his wife's head during an argument. Van Winkle, who copped to disorderly conduct in April 2001, was sentenced to probation and ordered to attend family therapy sessions.




James Traficant, the hairhat-wearing former Ohio congressman, was photographed at the Summit County, Ohio jail in July 2002. The disgraced Democrat was awaiting transfer to a federal prison where he will serve eight years after being found guilty of racketeering, bribery, and fraud charges.




Actor Robert Iler was arrested by New York City cops in July 2001 and charged with robbery and possession of marijuana. The teenage star of "The Sopranos" pleaded guilty in April 2002 to a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny and received three years probation.




Brian Hugh Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) was charged with criminal sexual conduct after doing the grind on the head of a security guard during a July 2001 concert in suburban Detroit. The rock star pleaded no contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge, for which he paid a $4000 fine.




Former baseball All-Star Darryl Strawberry was arrested by Tampa police in April 1999 and charged with possession of cocaine and soliciting a prostitute. He has since been rearrested (and jailed) several times for violating probation terms.




Tennessee Titans star Steve McNair was arrested in May 2003 for drunk driving after his SUV was spotted weaving erratically through the streets of downtown Nashville. The 30-year old quarterback registered .18 on a Breathalyzer test, nearly twice the state's .10 blood alcohol limit. A search of McNair's 1999 Lincoln Navigator also turned up a 9mm pistol. While he held a valid permit to carry the gat, it is illegal to possess a firearm while under the influence. McNair was charged with DUI and the gun rap.

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Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss was arrested by Minneapolis police in September 2002 and charged with careless driving and failure to obey a traffic officer. The athlete was popped after allegedly driving his car into a traffic agent.




Rhode Island Mugshot from Al Pacino's January 7, 1961 arrest for carrying a concealed weapon. Pacino, aged 21 and living in New York City, stayed in jail for three days. The three occupants of the car at the time were all wearing black masks and gloves, and had been seen by police circling their vehicle in a suspicious manner.




Hugh Grant was arrested June 27, 1995 for his solicitation of Divine Brown's oral services. This is his mugshot taken that date. Ironically, the arrest boosted both Grant's and Brown's careers.




Arrested in Miami on December 20, 1971 on charges of grand larceny, Larry King was in debt to sustain an extravagant lifestyle among other things. There is a connection here to the Kennedy Assassination, as the debt which prompted this arrest was apparently regarding a loan to a financial backer of Jim Garrison. Garrison was the Louisiana district attorney quasi-offically investigating Kennedy's death.

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Originally posted by mental invalid

Jennifer Capriati is hot....


<span style='color:black'>Yeah. Very. I was watching her play the other day and when they flashed her stats up they said she was 5'8" and 134 lbs. Thats bullshit. Shes gotta be at least 160. 160 lbs of lovin.</span>

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