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Favorite Word(s) You Use Daily.


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that's what I say instead of 'fuck' 'shit' or 'foiled again'.

Actually 'foiled again' is fun to say. Another good one

is crap but only if you say it like Strongbad.

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there was a list of 'hiphop' slang passed around at work for laughs.

I think some guy pulled it off msn.com or some other bullshit site.

It was filled with words like 'shizzey' and 'grinding'. Well it made me

happy because 'dope' was off the list and I can start using it again.

Not so much in the hiphop way but more like the jazz way.


And real saggin dont say cheddar, we say feta! holler!

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I actually try to refrain from using 'like' 'man' 'and shit'

and all those simple expressions. I mean there's so much

more to the vocab than that. Why use the simple shizz that

makes you sound like every other kid riding the bus?


I do tend to quote the simpsons often,

but in really subtle ways. Only dolts do full line quotes.

I mean if everyone already knows how the quote ends,

just let them do it for themselves. No one wants to hear

you recite a full scene. Just drop the 'flayven' and break out of there.

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Originally posted by phism

i say "shit" too much, like any good backpacker. usually ending sentences in "and shit" or calling things "that shit"


what type of shit is that?

thats the type of shit that...



i say fucking a lot. like blah blah the fucking tractor had a fucking blah blah blah


i say hmm and huh a lot too...




"huh." (as a pondering statement)

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